Friday, October 7, 2022

5 on a Friday: Busy and Happy

 1: I love my new job so, so much. I feel like my brain is working again and I love it. I’m going to meetings and being asked my opinion and it’s just so wonderful. There are parts that are going to be hard, and I have SO MUCH to learn, but I feel like this was a good move. Also my office is in a literal mansion and they provide chef prepared lunch everyday so…

2: I’m listening to Soulless and it’s the most fun, delightful audiobook I think I’ve ever listened to. I’m so glad it’s a series because otherwise I’d be devastated to finish it. 

3: I have very specific coffee preferences, and I love this Reddi Whip sweet foam. It’s like whipped cream, but not whipped cream and it transforms your coffee into literal magic. So of course it’s only at one store. Which is why when I find it I stock up like an addict

4: I’m on a “wash 2-3 times a week” schedule and I’m really surprised how quickly my hair adjusted. I always thought people who said that were oily liars but turns out.. notsomuch! I even bought a shower cap. BUT. It didn’t solve, or I don’t think it solved, the problem of my hair falling out. I assumed it was connected to the awesome face full of acne I got at the same time (so unfair) but my hairdresser mentioned that people are losing a lot of hair post-COVID. Anyone else experience that? Or any tips on a face full of what I’ve self-diagnosed as hormonal acne? It hasn’t been this bad in years

5: Wrestling started!! Thank goodness. Water polo, volleyball, and soccer weren’t keeping us busy enough and I was SO BORED on Sundays (ha!) But this boy. This boy is happy. (And tired. And hungry.) 


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

If I could be anyone dead or alive…

 Have you seen those video’s going around where people show photos of their dad’s in 1985? I’m not cool enough to make a TikTok, (or at least not one my kids wouldn’t mercilessly tease me for), but Ray circa 1985 HAS to be memorialized somewhere on the inter webs. It’s just too good