Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I like her a lot

Not. Sleeping. But man, she is so cute. She's got this great giggle. She loves EVERYTHING. Tonight in the car she sang along with the Frozen soundtrack. On the rare occasions that she's displeased she looks you right in the eye and screams. She's so fun :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's really no wonder the other moms talk about me...

Today is the 14th anniversary of the day that C asked me to be his girlfriend. We were reminiscing about this over dinner and telling the kids the story. So I'm sweetly saying that daddy told me how much he cared about me and that he wanted to be my boyfriend. Sweet smiles, feel the love, precious family moment. And then C pipes up and says, "Then mommy had to call about twelve guys (a gross exaggeration) and break up with them." I sweetly asked if this was the picture he wanted to paint about his children's mother, and my sweet, precious son chimes in with, "It's okay Mom! We already know. Daddy tells us all the time!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No. Sleep. Ever.

C quoted an article the other day saying that people who sleep five hours or less have a significantly harder time losing weight. My first thought was. "Who in the hell can function on less than..Oh. Never mind."
The tiny happy one has decided that sleep is for suckers. Which I kind of get because the bigs are in bed and she can finally have the run of the house. But I'm also working 40-50 hours, teaching, running, and trying to talk C into building a chicken coop.
One might suggest better sleep habits or fewer Netflix episodes of Dexter. Instead, I took coffee back up and bought an ENORMOUS travel mug. And I'm remembering what a fan of (legal) stimulants I am. Lord help us. I may not be lucid but I've got a lot of energy.

PS- Totally just occurred to me that this may have contributed to a candid conversation I had with an inmate yesterday about the unadvisability of self-inflicted Prince Alberts in the prison environment.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

And then she was one

OMG. You guys. Best. Party. Ever. It was totally thrown together, and no one RSVP'd so I just kept inviting people out of fear that we'd be sitting in an empty house trying to finish off three dozen cupcakes. Then everyone showed up and we had an awesome, amazing time. Averson was totally celebrated up right, and she had a great time watching 14 kids run like maniacs through the house. The rainy weather we've been having (thank God!) let up just for the day and so the kids were able to play in the back yard and on the driveway. We invited all of our parent friends, none of who have ever met each other, and everyone got along great. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better celebration. And at the end of the day we all crashed on the couch. Perfection. 
How freaking cute is this theme? I even had tiny garden gnomes for the goody bags.

Last minute activity, when I realized that I might have 15 kids stuck in the house with nothing to do. We painted $1 birdhouses and it was a huge hit. The little girls all LOVED it!

Averson watching a particularly impressive wrestling match on the trampoline

She totally "gets" presents and loves opening them. 

She's so big :(

Baby Girl did the smash cake like a boss!

Not pictured: The entire back of her head was coated in icing. 

Presents and baby friends :)
And of course, a few basic stats. After a very slow start, she's blown through 6,9, and 12 month clothes and is wearing 18m (!) She crawls like lightning and has started cruising furniture. She says "Da" for just about everything. When C leaves the room she'll ask "Whe Da?" Tell her to say "Mom" and she'll respond "Da" and then laugh maniacally. She's starting to use more signs, especially "All Done" and "More." She's got six teeth. She loves smoothies, oranges, berries, and cheddar bunnies. She dances when she hears a good beat. When the Bigs are outside she can't move fast enough to join them. She can go up stairs and recently surprised us by being able to slide off the bed feet first. 

There's a good chance that Averson will be our last, and so I'm in no hurry for her to get bigger. And yet, she does. She is the sweetest, happiest, most content little girl that I've ever met. She wakes up laughing and only screams when she feels like she's being left out (or when the Bigs move her away from the good toys). She's the perfect third child because she is just so freaking easy. And she loves fiercely. She loves hugs and kisses, and will crawl up in your lap just to cuddle. I like her an awful lot. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Stay tuned for a shit ton of pictures, to include cake and festivities