Wednesday, May 29, 2024

First Day/Last Day

First Day

Last Day

This week hasn't felt at all like I thought I would. I haven't had as many "my baby!" moments of nostalgia as I thought I would, but at the same time I'm mourning all the "lasts" right along side him. Last day of Fire Tech. Last lunch at school. Last time picking up his girlfriend in the morning. I want everything to be perfect and I know that's an unreasonable expectation but this kid deserves all the greatest that life has to offer. I'm just so proud of this kid and the amazing human he is. The world is just so, so lucky that he's in it. 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Back in my day

 Sydney asked me last night, with total sincerity, “Mom. When you were a kid since you didn’t have Netflix, how did you remember what episode you were on when you were in the middle of a show?” 

I explained that you didn’t have a choice on the episode, you just watched the next one. She seemed to be tracking until I realized that she didn’t understand the concept of a programming schedule. She was AGHAST when I clarified that shows were only on at certain times, so you had to be watching at 7:00 on a Tuesday if you wanted to see what happened. She kept saying, “But! What if you weren’t home?! You just MISSED IT?!”

I cannot wait to tell her about landlines and answering machines

Friday, May 3, 2024

Friday gratitude


I've been in a funk and I've found that when that happens, it helps to be really explicit about the little pockets of joy in my day

These beautiful wildflowers that were growing outside of my office. They're so vibrant and gorgeous and such a stark contrast to my years spent in office buildings and prison yards. And the best fidget ever that C made me for Valentine's day :) 

Last night during my walk the trees were full of peacocks yelling at each other. It was weird and spooky and also kind of magical. Also, they're very high in the trees.

Don't sleep on these cold foam creamers. They're f-ing delightful

My high school senior. He's got less than a month left and while I have some feelings about my baby and all of that, I am just so grateful I get to see him becoming this amazing adult

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

My favorite traveling companions

 It is not lost on me how lucky I am that I can spend four full days in a minivan with my people and end the trip liking them even more. We went to Colorado/New Mexico in order to see family (and for Eli to wrestle, never miss a tournament!), but the getting there and back ended up being an awesome bonus vacation. Pro tip: Once your people are big, rent a van and commit to getting two rooms.  Game. Changer. 

The pictures are all out of order, so just know that I tried to load them chronologically. 

Going home means that suddenly we're related to EVERYONE. One of C's cousins happened to be on the floor at the tournament so Eli ended up with TWO enthusiastic supporters in his corner. He said, "It's interesting to get coached by someone who's never seen you wrestle before"

Averson and I at the Grand Canyon. I just love her little soul. 

Awe :) 

Petrified Forest National Park

Weigh ins. Eli JUST made it (OMG). Also, I took him to the gym to run on the treadmill and someone thought I was his pregnant girlfriend. So that was mortifying for all of us.

C's all time favorite restaurant. He was SO excited. And it was after weigh ins (hence the smile on Eli's face)

Gramma! I love that they all matched

Grandparents, Parents, and Grandkids. Herding cats. 


We stopped at the Four Corners on the way home. I hadn't been in probably 30 years. The kids loved it!

They kept saying, "It's so much bigger than I imagined!"

The lady who took this kept yelling at her dad (in the red) "DAD! You're in their picture!" I love it so much. Reminds me of my own dad and how he would be so 100% in his own world

Can you even?

Eli was so excited when we stayed at a hotel on Route 66. AND THEN! We woke up in the morning and discovered that next door was a Route 66 museum with a Cars car outside! 

They took so many of these as the sun set. I just love them an awful lot.