Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New mission

C just showed me a bunch of videos from our old flip camera from Syd's first year and it made me so sad! All the sweet sounds and expressions. Eli as a freaking adorable four year old. And I was beating myself up for not replacing that stupid camera after it got "mysteriously" broken. Then C reminded me about the silly little iphone I carry everywhere that has *gasp* a freaking video camera. Look out Averson! We've got time to make up! Maybe I'll even catch her walking (but probably not.) also, I have to teach her songs. According to Syd's video evidence I've been slacking.

Monday, May 26, 2014

And continuing the theme

We finally made it to Tahoe today and it. Was. Awesome. I think this is going to be a regular day trip for us and we've started a camping bucket list. So fun to come home tired and dirty!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I love this time of year!

The weather has been so amazing! We've been spending most of our time outside and it is absolutely amazing. I'm building a new tradition of kicking my feet up with a beer and my book after work and it's awesome :) The girls have been running amok in their cars and E is mastering all kinds of ninja skills on the trampoline.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I love this girl so, so much. She is strong and sassy and sweet and so very full of personality and hutzpah. I am so thrilled to see the woman she becomes. I know it won't be an easy journey (remember her hunger strike?) but it will be memorable.
We celebrated with a Frozen party and eight princesses running amok. I offered a beer to one of the moms, who said it "seemed a bit early." I contend that day drinking is totally acceptable if you're feeding more than a handful of four-year-olds a butt ton of sugar and turning them loose. But the party was awesome and Syd had a fabulous time. I'm totally rethinking my stance on parties (but I need to fine tune my planning skills).
C and I both forgot that it was also our eleventh wedding anniversary, so to celebrate I'm day drinking and he's taking a nap. After eleven years we know what works.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Syd did NOT want to go to Disneyland. The day before we left she moped around and finally said, "I just want to stay here with my toys and my bed." And she was a trooper not complaining much, but whenever she started to melt at Disney she'd cry, "I want to go home! Disneyland is the worst place ever!" Once we got home she snuggled in like a little bug, so happy to have her toys and bed back.

Since we got home I keep gleefully remembering that we have no more travel plans for the entire summer. Maybe the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree?

Last hurrah

Our passes to Disneyland expire soon and C and and I have decided that we'll renew on alternate years. This came about when we realized what other vacations we could take with the money we've spent on The Happiest Place on Earth.so, knowing we may not be back for a whole year, we decided to Disney our brains out. Y'all, best trip ever! We had so much fun! 
Swimming pool shenanigans
OMG! Minnie's house!
Iron Man! Such a cool exhibit
Poor patient Syd waited a year to ride the horse carriage. Totally worth it when she was invited to sit with the driver.
Star Tours (his favorite)
Syd requested the Ferris Wheel, forcing me to overcome my fear of Ferris wheels (thank you Die Hard)
This fan may have saved our marriage
Syd was NOT having this, but E and A loved it
I love this. The first time we went Averson was 10 weeks old and so, so smooshy!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hooky Day

Last Wednesday I called in to work (with two weeks advance notice, because I'm nerdy that way) and we pulled E out of school for a mid-week trip downtown. Eli got a family pass to the art museum and had been asking/begging to go. I had my reservations about three kids to an art museum, but it was SO FUN! Totally going back. There were cool things for the kids to do, and they loved the more traditional gallery parts. We even ate lunch in the fancy cafe (less fun and less likely to be reenacted).
Making art
This touch screen wall was a family favorite
Not touching, I swear
Eli's "Robin Hood wearing a tuxedo"