Saturday, February 15, 2014


Today I attempted my first trail race. I was slow, out of practice, and coming off a cold but I loved it! I can't wait to try another one, and I'm going to try to find some training trails nearby.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Overheard at work

"Masturbation is Satan's typewriter"

I'm teaching myself to cross stitch because quotes like this need immortalized. Preferably in folk craft.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stir crazy

We're FINALLY getting rain (yay!) but we're a bit out of practice for how to do winter. Which means we drove each other batty, yelled a lot, threatened to put the kids to bed at 5:30, and then demoed the shower. Averson's sick and sliming everything in the 24inches off the floor zone, Syd had a poltergeist style tantrum before bed and Eli's "watching" Pandora on his Kindle. I'm thinking it's a wine type of night.

In other news, after not losing ANY weight training for the half I finally broke down and started logging my food. And I've lost 7 pounds. So I guess maybe the whole "eat less, Dumas" actually works. So that's awesome. And bonus, I'm definitely getting my 5-7 servings. I bought new running shoes right before the rain and I'm excited to try them out. I'm headed out tomorrow for my first run in a week. Hopefully it doesn't suck. I have a trail run next weekend, and if I don't get some miles in its going to be miserable.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gaaah. And unicorns. And waiting for Superman.

Eli was assigned a biographical book report project where he had to pick a book, put together a presentation, and give a talk in front of his class. He said that he originally wanted to read about Frank Gore (typical!) but that his teacher had assigned him John Henry. I wrote to the teacher to express my concern, since John Henry's, you know, not real. So she sent home the (admittedly beautiful, Caldecott winner) book and a "second copy" of the assignment sheet "in case you misplaced yours." Y'all. On the first page a unicorn makes him grow and on the second he shames the sun into waking up and flossing. Totally a biography, right? SMH.