Thursday, July 18, 2019

Get outside!

Sometimes I just NEED to get outside, to spend a few hours in the dirt and the sunshine to reboot. Last weekend I told C that I didn't care what else we did, but I wanted to hike and find a waterfall. So we did, and it was AMAZING. We hiked to a gorgeous fall, swam, and came home dirty and sun-kissed. It was exactly what I was looking for.

And the next day, we sent Eli off for a week at Scout camp! This is his third year, and I was really struck by how big he is. I miss him a lot (more than I thought I would) and I really hope he's having a good time. He signed up for Wilderness Survival and Rifle this year. On one hand I hope they're as awesome as he hoped and on the other I'd really like for him to come home with all his original parts. 

Baby Scout :( 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fourth and then some

What a lovely long weekend! Averson and I spent the morning reading and drinking coffee by the pool. I don’t care how much C bitches about pool maintenance. Quiet mornings out there, before it gets too hot and before all the heathens wake up, are as close to paradise as I can imagine

Averson gave me an inspired makeover. She used a beauty blender to apply my eye shadow and called it a “life hack”
Most of us spent the 4th proper at a friend’s house. At one point I yelled “Hey! You guys need to share the blowtorch!” And I really cant think of any way to top that moment

Eli spent his own money to take Abba to the rodeo <3 p="">
And the girls and I played with filters and face paint. Real life hack? Acrylic craft paint as face paint! It stayed on all night with no smudging, and wiped off with a wet cloth. Game. Changer.