Friday, November 29, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely low-key Thanksgiving at home and it was practically perfect.
Scout spotted a flock of turkeys on our walk. Seemed a bit ballsy for them to be out and about, if you ask me

I am so grateful for these people and our crazy, chaotic, loud life

Monday, November 11, 2019

The (blessed) end of a season

O.M.G.You guys. This weekend marked the end of ALL THE F-ING THINGS. For the last three months, our lives have been consumed by sportsball and now it's OVER. I, of course, love all the benefits of youth sports but oh my goodness am I ready to not spend my Saturdays feeling my soul wither in a camp chair for 8+ hours. And did I ever see the season close with a bang. Because it's No-School November, everyone but me has a four day weekend. In addition to all the last games/championship games/end of season whathaveyou, I stopped at Old Navy for the Friends and Family sale 
Think I'm craving Fall over here in my 82 degree November?
Gearing up for hour one million of sports for the day. Eli's team was in the championship and blew it out of the water. 
The girls found my Christmas present stash, so Yay for new legoes on a random Sunday! And it was obviously a slam dunk gift because she's been playing with this set for the last two days now

Soccer cupcake!

Last pep talk of the year

I cancelled our instacart membership so I had to actually GO to Costco to get dogfood. Pro tip: If you want to control your Costco spending, take two kids and the commuter car. I mean, the trip was still a million dollars, but I did put back the flat of black beans...

We also stopped by Sephora to pick up my birthday gift (just in the nick of time!) and to play with the girls' favorite palette testers

I spent a birthday gift card and I'm really, really happy with my choices. One of these damn kids is going to read Harry Potter if it kills me.
And for the fourth (I think?) year in a row, we joined the Scouts to put up flags at the cemetary before sunrise. This is one of my favorite annual traditions and I'm always so impressed by the kids. This year I flew solo and we were all dressed and out the door by 5:00 am with no screaming. It was a Veteran's Day miracle (that obvs didn't last through the day but I'll take the win where I can). 

I'm tired just re-writing all of that. Next weekend, I don't HAVE to do jack shit and the potential is making me giddy. I may go to a murder con at the library. Or start painting the house. Or sitting on my butt catching up on all the Netflix I've been missing. The possibilities are endless! 

Sunday, November 10, 2019


I had to take Syd to the main library last week so she could do some research for her local history project. That part isn’t pictured because it was v serious and quiet. Also because we were raging hard against the patriarchy since Syd had to research her subject’s husband to finally get any substantive information. BUT then we took a detour to the kids area where Syd found herself pictured in hipster board book and Averson spontaneously drew herself a venn diagram.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween 2019

Last year, we celebrated Halloween just a couple weeks after we moved into our new house, and it really cemented our love for this amazing little neighborhood. It's so idyllic to be able to let your kids run in a neighborhood where all the houses are decorated, traffic is non-existent, and cul-de-sacs abound so you're likely not to lose anyone. I'm doing this thing where I invite people over and then choose not to stress about hosting, so I suggested to a couple friends that they should bring their kids over to trick-or-treat with us. A couple turned into two crockpots of taco meat, a candy cane full of Fireball, 30 people, and birthday cake. It was amazing. 

The Ace of Spades and the Mad Hatter

A card soldier, the Queen of Hearts, and Hipster Alice

So many friends! Also, how insanely yellow is my kitchen? Buying paint ASAP

AND I turned 39! My sweet friend gifted me this awesome coffee mug to go with my birthday donuts. I took the day off work to chaperone Syd's geology field trip and prep for our non-party. Eli made me breakfast in bed (including the best scrambled eggs I've had in a long time), the girls remembered that I wanted Salt Fat Acid Heat, and C bought me, my mom, and the girls tickets to see Maleficent tonight. I'm hoping that 39 ushers in a year of self-care and consistency, starting with my half-assed (but still better than nothing) visit to the gym this morning. Followed by a leftover donut.