Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Picture Fest!

Bat Ninja!

Pretty much the cutest tiger ever

My costume.
BTW, pink hair is magical. I'm thinking about making it permanent

This is the best picture I got of the trick-or-treating chaos.
The rest were all blurs and candy wrappers.

All in all, one of the best so far. It was a fabulous day and we're all home and safe and crashing from crazy sugar highs. Happy Halloween!
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Date

C took me out for my birthday last night and we had so much fun! First, I bought new skinny jeans with a birthday check from my in-laws, and thanks to Old Navy's vanity sizing I had to return them, twice, to get smaller sizes. So, all dressed up we hit BK (KLASSY) and the roller derby. The roller derby was a blast and I may be fantasizing, just a little bit, about trying out in January. I need to come up with a good name though. There was a girl last night named Hari Kari and her number was 51/50 (the civil code for being involuntarily committed to a psych hospital in CA). Too fun. On top of that, C won me a raffle prize that was donated by the cosmetology school. So I am now the proud owner of two shades of fake bangs (pink and red/black) and three different colors of shatter nail polish (plus a lot of other, less awesome stuff). It was probably one of my top three birthday dates ever. Today the kids and I are lying low, doing crafts and putzing around the house. I'm working on an embellished t-shirt for Syd and Eli wants to re-carve a pumpkin since his rotted so bad he didn't even argue when we tossed it. Tomorrow I'm thinking of playing hooky to go to the daycare's costume parade, then trick-or-treating and dinner. I have a whole post about how when work gets super stressful it seems like home stuff gets super awesome, but for now it's nice to be so content and have a true break from all the layoff BS. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my kids in their super cute, super awesome costumes.

Friday, October 21, 2011

"Things I Like" by Eli

Eli's class was working on a unit about things they liked, and they each put together a collage that illustrated their interests. Most were pretty predictable: cake, sports, toys, cartoons. But of course, my kid's never quite as predictable. He came up with this
Me: Wow, Buddy! That's quite a picture. What do you like about her?
Eli: Mama, she's in her *underwear*
Me: I know! Is that why you picked her?
Eli: No Mama, she reminds me to exercise!

Yep, pretty sure that's what the photographer was aiming for

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How we cope

It's only been a couple weeks, and I have run the gamut of completely freaking out clear to trusting the universe and being very zen, and back again. I seem to do okay, but then people around me start talking about it and my anxiety shoots through the roof. I am walking a very fine line of professionalism and appropriateness, which luckily my co-workers consider "genuineness." Because honestly? I was sarcastic and short-tempered and pouty today and I'm not a huge fan of myself like that. On the other hand, a supervisor told me that I seemed to "have a peace about you." To which I laughed like a deranged lunatic. Moving on. So how does a mental health professional such as myself cope during a time of instability and stress? I'm so glad you asked! Thus far I've

-Spent money like it was going out of style. Because Eli MUST have a hoodie! Right this second! To replace the one he lost! Even though it's over 80! And Syd needs pajamas! And I need skinny jeans! And notebook dividers! And pumpkins!

-Tried to sell anything that's not nailed down on craigslist. But then hid the money away like it never existed. See? I can save! And I'd bet that the $10 I made off that Johnny JumpUp is going to make all the difference.

-Freaked out about money. I find myself compulsively balancing numbers, even numbers that really don't mean anything. Oh yeah. The Crazy? Back with a fucking vengeance.

-Productively contacted other possible places of employment. Had great conversations.

-Freaked out because it sounds like "realignment" will be based on seniority, not merit or fit. Which means that I will likely end up in Bum Fuck Nowhere.

-Applied to work in New Zealand. Which I am sort of, not quite, maybe, we'll see what happens, considering.

-Blown my diet, restarted, blown, and restarted. I've lost almost ten pounds, but man, I forgot how amazing brownies can be.

-Disgusted myself with a variety of unattractive qualities, including jealousy (savings?! How do you have savings? Why can't we have savings!?), spite (oh so many examples), and opposition.

In other news, the kids and I went to the coast this weekend and it was lovely! We spontaneously jumped in the ocean, explored pirate caves, and ate way too much. We slept in, stayed up late, and jumped on beds. Eli was brave and Syd was crazy. I loved it.

She does this thing now where she poses and then waits for me to take her picture. She was obsessed with sitting on these pumpkins

A true flip!

This? This was awesome.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pure Awesomeness

I couldn't handle my freak out being front page anymore. I think you'll agree, this is WAY better.