Monday, February 25, 2013

Killing time

OMG. This week is killing me. We are all so lucky that I didn't take more time off. For one thing, we'd be broke because apparently Target eases my anxiety. For another thing, we'd be having hillbilly, redneck fights on the front lawn. There is a LOT of nervous energy in this house right now. Even the kids are borderline insane. But we are also being sort-of productive...

Waldo's "sleep space." 
I'm not ready to give up our guest room just yet, and we're still entertaining the idea of buying a house in the next year or so, so poor Waldo's camping out in our room for the time being. The plan is that if we're still here in six months, she and Syd will move in together. However, despite it not being a "room" this is the most thought I've put into a baby's decor. I love the turquoise sheet so freaking much.

Going home outfits. Both are Newborn size, so let's hope that the doctor is right (but not too, too right) about this one being my smallest yet. 

Love these so much.
 (also, WTF, Carters? They had matching Big Brother/ Little Sister, but no Big Sister.
Luckily Syd didn't notice the difference.) 

The M-Fing baby hat
Usually each baby born into our family gets a handmade blanket from my grandma. However, she's in her 90's and nearly blind, and she told me in no uncertain terms that Sydney's was the last. Last week I started to feel bad that poor Waldo wasn't going to get a single, non-hand-me-down, homemade thing and I got it in my head to make her a hat (knowing there was no way I could make a blanket.) I made this stupid, fucking hat four times before it finally turned out. She will wear it until it falls apart in my hands. 
And speaking of poor Waldo and her hand-me-downs, I was showing Syd the baby clothes this weekend and realized that we had NO baby pants. Lots and lots of onesies and jammies, but no pants. And even though it's warm, the kid still needs pants. So we set off on an epic quest and $100 later this kid has more pants than any one baby could possibly need. But no one has ever pooped in them, so she should be grateful.
Manna from Heaven
OMG. These are going to be so freaking good. I have big, big plans for a cinnamon roll binge (see: 3 pound log of cream cheese). I'm also going to make a small batch and gift a couple to my doctor, who's coming in at the crack of dawn before work to deliver this baby. 

Soaking up every moment of her being my baby.
My being home has totally screwed up everyone's routine. C has no idea what to do with himself so he's in the garage most of the day, and poor Syd is totally confused. She keeps asking if it's a gymnastics day, since that's what we do on Thursdays (my first "home day"). On the plus side, I totally get to be the fun parent, as shown by how often I've let her paint and the fact that I let her buy bubbles and "make-ups" (aka cherry chapstick) at Target yesterday.

She's going to be here so soon! On one hand I can't wait and on the other, AAHHH!!!!! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The countdown's on...

Today was my last day at work. On one hand, I am so happy to have the next few days to sleep until I wake up (as opposed to waking up before everyone, showering in the dark, and trying to get out of the house as quietly as possible) and to be able to wear whatever pants I choose. On the other hand, this totally and completely solidifies the fact that we will have a baby. In our house. Soon.

This pregnancy's been so weird. I've gained less than half of what I gained with the other kids. In contrast to "Wow! You're so big!" I'm now getting, "But you're so tiny!" and "It looks like you've lost weight." I remember being much, much more uncomfortable at this point with Sydney, waddling everywhere on feet so swollen you could almost hear them squish when I walked. Yesterday I JUMPED out of a car (not moving, of course.) So when everyone says, "I bet you're ready to have this baby already!" my first thought is more along the lines of thinking that I could easily be pregnant for a few more months. But I don't think that's going to happen...

We had another sizing ultrasound last week and I'm feeling a lot more confident now. The tech explained that my first US showed that the baby was in the 16th percentile, which explains some of the concern. Now she's plumped up to a totally reasonable 34th percentile and is measuring a mere 4-5 days behind EDD. This is all making me feel MUCH more confident and it's been a nice break from the constant, neurotic worrying.

So yeah, having a baby. In 9 days, as C just so helpfully reminded me. I celebrated my last day at work with pedicures on the front lawn with Sydney. I was going to go somewhere, but I figured I'd celebrate being able to reach my toes by doing it myself. Turns out I'll be paying someone to do it for me tomorrow. And Syd's toes are going to be stained red and purple for a long time.

The crib is up (and adorable!). The cradle is up. I'm valiantly trying to make a baby hat that will match the super-cute sleeper I bought Waldo to come home in (a task that will most likely be abandoned in the near future). Both Eli and Syd have been prepped and appropriately bribed to wear the Big Brother/Big Sister shirts to visit in the hospital. I have my 38 week/pre-op appointment on Friday and then it's all system's go!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A riddle

What does a nine-month pregnant, exhausted mother of 2.89 children do when her babies are finally asleep in bed and her husband is out playing with power tools in the garage?

1. Shower and go to bed
2. Fall asleep on the couch in front of horrible "reality" tv
3. Finally sit down and eat a snack without sharing
4. Completely rearrange the living room furniture

Monday, February 11, 2013

9 months (aka "The Crazy Time")

During a meeting at work today, which consisted of my boss, psychiatrists, sergeants, and other relatively non-casual co-workers I engaged in the following conversation:

Me: He's a pedophile, and all he seems to want to talk about is that he's a pedophile
Boss: Maybe we should put him on male-only and move him to a different cell (BTW: I find the whole "male only" thing very patronizing. But different post for a different day.)
Me: I don't think that matters
Boss: Why?
Me: Because we're too old. He seems pretty invested in the pedophile part. He's gross.
Boss: Did you diagnose him with that?
Me: Among other things. And the last time he came to prison it was for breaking a prostitute's arm with an axe handle
Boss: Well, you know sometimes they...
Me: Get uppity and need to be taught a lesson. I know.

At which point, NOBODY laughed. Seriously. Luckily I looked across the table in time to see the 65 year old psychiatrist laughing silently. OMG. Who wouldn't laugh?! That was gallows humor gold!

I've started working half-days and it's not a moment too soon. Much longer and I was going to be in danger of getting in trouble. We all share an office, which already makes it a little cozy, but now that my internal censor is gone there's a lot of tongue biting. And subtle acts of rebellion, like password protecting various shared documents that people keep screwing up. It's getting crazy in here!

In other news, the nesting continues but looks like this:

Think of an idea. Get mad that C hasn't already done said idea. Frantically convince self that idea needs done ASAP. Glare at C. Sit on couch and/or go shopping. Give up on idea. Blame C. Go to bed.

It's awesome. It also means that I dropped a ridiculous amount of money at IKEA this weekend. So we may not have diapers or clothes to fit what looks to be a freakishly small (for us) baby (because OF COURSE I gave away all our newborn clothes and most of the 0-3, because Syd was enormous!) and the crib is still in pieces but we do have a new bedspread that's not white, new turquoise plates, and three separate vibrating/bouncy seats.

Other things I've done to get ready for the baby:
Stopped watching any shows on Hulu so I'll have a backlog
Bought a robe and camis at Forever 21 with the hope that this will finally be the baby that gets a decent hospital picture where I don't look like an awkward, greasy 14 year old and my nipples aren't on full display (Thank God for photoshop)
Bought Eli, Syd, and baby Big Brother, Big Sister, and Little Sister shirts (you know, the essentials)
Begged Syd to consider potty training. Her response? "Maybe after Baby Waldo's born." Gah!!!

Lord help us. This baby's coming in two and a half weeks.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Gestational Diabetes survival kit

These are a few of the items that 1) my sugars tolerate and 2) help me feel like a normal human being. There aren't a lot of personal accounts of GD out there, so I thought I'd share what I've learned through trial and (lots of) error.

Whole wheat sandwich thins: At 22g of carbs, these are a great alternative when you're making sandwiches. They're also awesome as hamburger buns. In fact, C says that he prefers these to traditional ones. I can't do a whole bun for breakfast, and I can't do a sandwich plus more carbs for lunch, but they're still pretty awesome. 

Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt: 8g of carbs and 10g of protein. Yogurt, and dairy in general, have been hard for me which sucks because they were such a big part of my diet before. These are delicious, don't have the "sugar-free" taste, and seem to work as a snack. Again, these work better in the afternoon. 

TJ's Graham Crackers: These are only 11g of carbs instead of the 14-15g of other brands. 

Adams Natural Peanut Butter: I have had an unholy relationship with peanut butter this pregnancy. This brand is great because the ingredients are literally peanuts and salt. Most peanut butters have a ton of added sugar. And the peanut butter is a great protein source when I just can't handle more meat (that's what she said!) A favorite snack is celery, peanut butter, and a tiny box of raisins. And my go-to bedtime snack for most of the last trimester has been a graham cracker with peanut butter. So good!

Sugar-free Jello: It's worked better for me to eliminate sweets rather than try to replace them. I found that pretty quickly, I stopped craving desserts and sweets and overall it just makes life easier. On top of that, I don't love all the chemicals and replacements that you usually find in "sugar-free" products (my obsession with Diet Pepsi aside, of course). But sometimes you just need something decadent. Sugar-free jello topped with sugar-free whipped topping hits the spot and doesn't reek of chemical aftertaste. And it's "normal" enough that the kids will eat it to. Anytime you're not eating something different is a nice break. 

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb, High Fiber tortillas: This is the only carb I've consistently been able to tolerate for breakfast, so there's been a lot of breakfast burritos in my world. For dinner I can do up to three of the smaller tortillas (10g of carbs) if I don't put beans on the tacos. And they taste pretty good too. 

So those are my key players. One of the things I've learned is that when something works, stick with it. And if something really works and tastes good too? Stock up on that shit. So much of gestational diabetes feels like a never-ending science experiment and I can't tell you how much it means to have a few things in your arsenal that don't have to be thought about. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Syd gets a haircut!

But not one that's very dramatic. Just enough to try it out and save me from wrestling her down to trim her bangs.

I think it means you're a true parent when you realize that you have no control over your children's behavior. Syd was a totally dramatic little butt, then flounced out of there like it was Disneyland. She was particularly offended by the cushion they offered for her precious backside. Such a ridiculous diva. But they got it done and we can see her eyes again!

And Eli had announced that he wanted a mohawk, which I'd mentally prepped for. Then he got there and asked to see a book of styles (seriously. Adorable overload). He couldn't decide, so he went with, "Just like Dad's." Again. I'm a little bummed he didn't do something more drastic. Maybe next time.

NOT sitting on a cushion

Sitting on a cushion but refusing to show her face