Saturday, August 28, 2010

Truth in advertising

You may have noticed that I changed my profile picture. We took this today, and I love it. It may be the first time since Syd was born that a picture was taken without one of us looking freakish. I like it too because it's exactly how I see myself as a mom. Little hippy, little soccer mom, two awesomely awesome kids. It's not 100% accurate though...
Post cropping

Obviously "housekeeper" isn't prominent in my personal identity

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three months

Syd turned three months old last week. I can't believe it's flown by so quickly. She still seems so tiny, but when I look back I'm amazed by how much she's changed.
She's still not amused by my need to accesorize, obviously.

She's very alert. She's always checking out what's going on, and often has a very studious look on her face while she's watching the world. She's totally happy to sit and watch most of the time. When she's not though, boy she let's you know it. She stares at Eli with pure adoration. When she looks at C, she's always got this expectent smile like he's about to do the funniest thing (and he usually is). Me? I get the full body smile when she knows I'm going to pick her up. She's got the greatest grin, and it always looks like she's thinking "Isn't this the coolest thing ever?"

She started to roll yesterday. She seems pretty impressed with herself when she does it, and then hangs out on her tummy for awhile. We're one step closer to mobility. Dum dum dum... The Bob Marley thing has become something of an obsession, and lately she won't nap unless the reggae's rocking and the swing's swinging. We'll see how that goes at daycare, which she starts tomorrow. I'm a little bit in denial about it but I think we're all ready to settle into a routine. We've toured her class, C met her teacher, and I'm in the process of packing her bag and filling out her paperwork. I wish we could have done a couple of practice days, but I know she'll be fine. With Eli I've learned that kids adapt much quicker than the parents do. She'll probably have a great time, and I know she's going to love watching all the other babies.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I got nuthin' (now with gratuitous kid pictures!)

I have all these posts floating around in my head, but none have really materialized. I could talk about how "Bulk Pick-up Day" sent me into an existential and moral crisis, complete with self-rightousness and empty promises to change how we live. I could talk about how I've been wearing the same three outfits to work because I won't bring myself to buy more clothes in the very large size that currently fits over my giant ass. I could talk about how I've started an exercise program and gained weight, which is actually the opposite of motivating, especially when said exercise program requires one to wake up, and sweat, at 4:oo am. I could talk about our camping trip, which we excitedly planned at the very last minute. I rushed home from work, C shopped and packed the car, we loaded everyone up, drove around the block, and gave up. Came home and rented a movie instead. I could talk about how pumping's going, including having my boss stand outside my door asking my very shy male co-worker "But what is she DOING in there?! Why does she have this sign up? Well, if she's breastfeeding that's one thing, but what is she doing?" I could talk about how Syd has decided this whole sleep-with-Mama- boob-in-mouth thing is for the birds. However, sleeping-alone-no-boob for longer than 20 minutes is also unacceptable. I could talk about how C is kicking ass at the stay-home dad gig, but part-time daycare costs almost as much as full-time, but part-time work doesn't pay as much as full-time work. I could write about all of that, but really? Life is pretty good. I'm happy. Work is good. The kids are fabulous. C rocks. Yesterday in the car I realized I was smiling for no reason. Just smiling. Syd was sleeping and Eli was in the back singing Buffalo Soldier ("Buffalo Soldja, Dressed like a race car. Buffalo Soldja, in the hawt of Amewica" even better because he doesn't talk like that), and life was good.
He won a raffle! He was much more excited than this picture suggests.

Baby in overalls. Is there anything cuter?