Monday, July 1, 2024

Theater Kid

Averson decided this year that they wanted to try theater, after an awesome experience with the Fifth Grade play. Our local parks and rec partnered with a local theater company to do a camp, where at the end the kids would perform Madagascar Jr. Averson panicked a little about the auditions, since they included both singing and dancing, but ultimately they got several smaller roles. It was perfect! It was a nice mix of group time and solo time and they ROCKED IT. The performance was this weekend and I legit teared up watching everyone sing and dance during "Move It" (which was admittedly pretty discordant but what're you going to do.) The only way I can describe it though, is that it was like watching the light come on in her. Like all of the sudden she was exactly where she was meant to be. Poised and eloquent and with IMPECCABLE comedic timing, and surrounded by all these amazing little souls who saw and appreciated each other in a really beautiful way. We're all obsessed and now I guess I'm a stage mom. Didn't see that one on the parenting bingo card...

Lew the Lemur

Shout out to siblings who take pictures on the sly. This was Candy Hammernose, the news reporter, and she was HILARIOUS. Also, may have wanted to steal the dress

Such a sweet (and chaotic) group of kids!