Sunday, March 15, 2015

The things she carries

When I was an undergrad, I took a course on Civil War History. One of the required books was called, "The Things They Carried." I remember being so excited about that book, and consequently disappointed because it wasn't actually about things. Wouldn't that be a cool book? I may be on to something...

Anyway. I dumped out my purse tonight and was shocked by the sheer quantity of what I found. I obviously am not a dainty clutch kind of girl.
Just to be clear, there are eight condiment packs in there. I don't even use those (obviously.)
in addition to my own "Beauty basics" there's two My Little Pony lip glosses with combable hair. Eli's report card and my favorite bracelet that I thought Avery lost are in there. And a leash and a shoehorn. Like I said, shocking.
I managed to narrow it down a bit, thank God. 
So now I want to know, what do you carry? 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random excitement

I booked us a cabin (ish) for Spring Break and I am SO excited. I've decided that this is how ill camp for the next ten years. In the woods, by a river, under the stars, with a real shower, coffee pot, and locking door. It's a win-win. We get dirt and fresh air and sunshine AND no one gets eaten or murdered! I see four glorious days of reading, hiking, and possibly crafts. Did I mention how excited I am?

Also exciting. I found The Perfect dresses for the girls to wear to their aunt's wedding. They're seriously adorable and I got them off zulily which means they might be here in time. Syd was having a melt down tonight because Eli was asked to be in the wedding and she wasn't. I showed her the dress, hoping to make her feel better about the injustice of it all and she promptly proclaimed that she wanted a different dress. In Syd speak that means that she will NEVER wear that f-ing dress. Gah! Now I have to shop for something that will coordinate and appease her highness.

And the final excitement is that I went back to barre tonight after a two week hiatus after I pulled my quad (that sounds legit, doesn't it?) it was so tough and u have total jelly legs. I'm trying to get hottified for the above referenced wedding so I'm back in the gym, back running, and reinstalled my fitness pal. I'm running a pi day 5k this weekend and I'm even geeking out about that. So much twitterpation!

Easter eggs. My lunch has never been more inappropriately festive.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Averson's Two!

Holy cow. It's cliche, but I feel like that went really fast!
We had an adorable, simple party with Avery's little friends. She asked for a "Mickey Mouse Birthday" so we themed it up. Then Costco thwarted my plan by not carrying Mickey Mouse nuggets for the first time in history. So... Mickey Mouse dinosaurs.
I'm working on getting more non-selfies. Though I do love a good selfie.
Case in point
Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Because of course.
And then we finished with a family showing of Big Hero 6 (so cute!) 
It was a perfect birthday. This little girl is the embodiment of joy and I literally love her so much it hurts. I loved her as a baby and I'm loving her as a full blown toddler. She's funny and sweet and a little naughty. 

The Color "Run"

OMG. So much fun! And all of my generally "less than enthusiastic" family members loved it too. C pregamed, which helped. One of Syd's BFFs came so she was a trooper. Avery sat rapt in the stroller for the entire 3 miles and giggled whenever she got hit with paint. When I tried to take her picture though, she'd repeat, "I messy." And bonus; because we were more of a strolling group, we got to be part of both the daytime and nighttime festivities! All in all, preshus family memories were made and the BOB will never be the same.