Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tutus and pink sequins

I didn't really expect to become a Scout mom, and I REALLY didn't expect to become a dance mom, but sometimes you catch yourself in the middle of applying waterproof mascara to your five-year-old and there you are.

Averson had her first recital this weekend and she was so excited and earnest and reverent about it. She adores her costume and has stared lovingly at it hanging in her closet for weeks, just waiting for the moment that she could wear it. She endured an entire can of hairspray and a prom's worth of bobby pins with almost no complaint TWICE because of course they had pictures on a different day than the performance.

And OMG. All the practices and money and trying to appease a pretty intimidating retired dancer were TOTALLY worth it. It was the the most precious thing ever. On the way to the theater, she couldn't stop talking about how excited (and a little nervous) she was. Then she paused and said, "Mama. I just feel so beautiful."

She loved the hairpiece and told me that she wants to "keep it and wear it on the most special occasions so that I look super beautiful." 

Being super careful not to muss her bun or her make-up

Practicing for her head shots
So beautiful!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


OMG. You guys, I basically just have to write some words. I knew I had writer's block, but I just realized that it's been a freaking MONTH since I last posted. I don't even know what I've been doing!

I went on a weeklong work trip to BFE nowhere. I stayed in a casino and ate tater tots for dinner. My hotel stayed clean all week, which was weird. I introduced my friend to cheap beer and she reciprocated by turning me on to binge watching TLC. Thank God I don't have cable all the time because I find Dr. Pimple Popper and Say Yes to the Dress downright hypnotic.

We found a house and didn't get a chance to put an offer on it and basically my life is ruined. But not really. We are, however, trying to get our house ready to sell and it's a huge PITA. There are a LOT of fucking holes in my walls and I may permanently have spackle under my nails. And of course I only saved the paint that I don't need. Our next house will have the same damn color in every room.

In related news, we bought another fishing boat. That brings the total to THREE. The plan has always been to sell two, but turns out the market is pretty cold so instead I have a fleet in my backyard. Anyone need a boat? I feel like it's going to be hard to stage three boats in the backyard, but maybe it'll be a selling point? Free boat with purchase?

I got smacked in the face by 1950 on Monday and baked a chocolate layer cake, from scratch, with the girls. Then, because I didn't want to share our cake with our playdate, I also made brownies from scratch. Then I took Averson on a playdate with a friend from ballet. This was the kind where the mom stays, which I realize I haven't done since Eli was two and the mom hit on me in a really weird and awkward way, and then stole my diaper bag. This one went much better. 

Eli's at camp this week and I miss him a lot. Like, more than I expected.

I cancelled Weight Watchers. I figure if I'm not going to lose any weight no matter what I do, there's no point in paying $45 a month to memorialize it. In exchange, I'm trying out intermittent fasting again and trying to go to Orangetheory at least twice a week. So maybe still fat, but now hangry and strong too!

Okay, hopefully that helped. If not, you're welcome for the most random post ever!
My receipt that was an even $10, because why not?