Monday, July 28, 2014

The Shadow Man

Last week Syd crawled in bed with us in the middle of the night (not unusual at all.) As I was getting her settled she said quietly, "Mama? Who was that who said 'Goodnight' to me?" "It was probably Daddy, Baby, go to sleep." "No Mama. Can I look out the window to see if Auntie Jody's there?" "Auntie Jody's not there Syd. It was Daddy. Go back to sleep, Baby." "It wasn't Daddy. Oh wait, it's okay. They just left."


The next night I wake up in the middle of the night and I swear I can see someone in the hallway. However, Atticus the Wonder Dog seems uninterested and I remind myself (and my overactive imagination) that my hardwood floors bely any attempts at subtlety. I talk myself down and think nothing of it, until yesterday when Syd says again, "Mama! Sometimes the Shadow Man comes to say 'Goodnight' to me!" As a person who had nightmares well into my 20s, this pretty much guarantees that I won't be sleeping anytime soon.

Of course her imaginary friend would be the creepiest possible iteration.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Office

I made a philosophical argument against having a home office. Trying to prep for my class tonight, I'm rethinking my stance. Turns out a constant refrain of "No touching!" Is less than conducive to efficient productivity.
Notice that Avery shut my computer down when I ran to the bathroom.

Edited to add that, as I set up my class tonight, I found that apparently Avery knows how to delete PowerPoint slides. 33 of them to be exact.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sydney's Day at the Salon

Syd's been going back and forth about cutting her hair for awhile so I made her an appointment at "the fancy place" where I go. We've trimmed it before but she's never had a real cut.

This may have been her favorite part

Deep breaths

Love :)

Even though she cut off about eight inches, it's not so short it freaks me out. And Sydney LOVES it. She's got the swingy hair flip down already! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Good for what ails ya

Learning a new job is exhilarating. Learning a new job while doing your old job, while highly paid professionals behave like children and doctors act like inmates, sucks. Luckily it's nothing a couple beers and costco pizza can't help. Lord help me next week.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A week in reviews

A couple weeks ago I was asked to switch units at work to try to shape up a program that's been falling short lately. I really admire my boss, and she said a lot of flattering things, and I'm easily influenced by positive reviews, so I immediately said yes. I'm big on thoughtful decision making, obviously. 
So then I freaked out. Totally convinced myself this was a terrible decision and that I was making a huge mistake. My unit's nuts, but it's mine.
Then today the team was supposed to meet up for a "goodbye/good luck" thing at a local restaurant. Half didn't show because either 1) they weren't invited or 2) they were fighting with the other half. Now I'm thinking change may not be so bad...

In other news. Going through my camera roll, pictures/evidence of my mommies' night out at a "male review" are right next to all the pictures from the state fair. Best. Slideshow. Ever.
(Btw, super fun but I'm not as cool as I pretend to be)

And then
It's been a good week :)

More pics from the fair
I love Averson in this picture. We're still working on the ergo backpack thing...
So much fun! My only regret is that we played it very safe with regards to fair food (corn, lemonade, burger). We may go back next weekend and I'm already debating between funnel cake and cheese curds. 

What are your favorite fair foods? Any ideas for girls night that's nudity free?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Date Night

The plague has lifted! My girls are both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again and, more importantly, we didn't have to cancel our date night. Priorities.
Super awkward forced picture of best. dress. ever. I may wear it every day.

I bought a dress last weekend, in a boutique, for full price. Then I immediately wrote C and informed him that the dress needed to be taken out and shown a good time. We went with another couple to a comedy show and it was AWESOME. The headliner was Rick Guitierrez. Hilarious! And his whole spiel is about being married and a parent. At one point he even talked about how parents never buy clothes in stores for full price :) Highly recommend him.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Plague

Eli's at my dad's for two weeks (and loving every second). So of course the plague has struck. First Averson horked EVERYWHERE at the grocery store. I classily stripped her down, wiped her down with a box of wipes from the baby aisle, shoved the whole mess in a produce bag, and continued shopping with a baby wearing nothing but red sparkle shoes. Once home she kept puking for the rest of the night.
Fast forward two days...
Poor booger has been like this all day and was up all night