Friday, August 31, 2012


We headed to the coast for my dad's birthday, and I had the brilliant idea to leave after work. Which, in hindsight, made for a very long day. About halfway through the drive we stopped for gas and rations. When we got back in the car, I felt something drip onto my foot. WTF? In a feat of inspired drivership, I pulled my foot up to check and found nothing. I turned on the light and asked C to check. Nothing. Ten minutes later I saw something flutter on the dashboard. Turned on the light again to find a fucking FROG cruising on my dashboard. W.T.F?! It's like a plague in the mom-mobile. What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in your car!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Eli's explaining that when he grows up he wants to be a rodeo director. There's a park and a barn dance and a bar and of course, a rodeo. He wants to be the boss so he can make fun rodeo rules. If Daddy's not dead, he can be a clown and if I'm not dead, I'm going to be a barrel racer (he later added that I also get to be the rodeo queen!) He's not so sure about hiring Sydney, but he'll hire anyone who wants to join the rodeo.

Love this kid so freaking much.

Get it where you can

We're out of babysitter money so this is C, relaxing at BK while our kids run amok on the play place. Parents of the year on so many levels. Also, when I'm bitching about how much weight I'm gaining, remind me that I chose the deep fried chicken over the much more reasonable anything else.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I got home from work today to find every single person in my house sleeping. That pretty perfectly describes how August has been. We started with the tail end of our epic road trip and my sister and niece visiting for about ten days. Like I said before, it was totally awesome chaos. Total chaos. It was so fun to have them here. My sister and I had a rough patch a few years ago, and now we're back to being BFFs and it's always great to spend real, face-to-face time with her. She's one of the only people who can consistently make me laugh so hard I almost pee. And she went to IKEA with me (where I lost her for over an hour and we were almost stranded with all our barefoot babies, but that's neither here nor there) for which I'll be forever grateful since C says "It's the home of the devil!" (side story: when we got there Eli was super jazzed about getting meatballs and ice cream, but as we're walking he asked me "Mom, Daddy said you were taking me to meet the devil?")  My house was so sad and quiet the day they left.

Two days later some friends of ours posted on Facebook that their hometown was filled with smoke from nearby forest fires, they had no air-conditioning during our heat wave, and they had a 3-week-old baby at home. According to Facebook they were headed to a nearby town to spend the night in a hotel. In true Facebook fashion I posted a comment saying "Come here!" and C posted a comment that said "See you Friday?" and they took us up on our offer!

It's been awesome, and I'm loving having a tiny baby in the house. Eli and Sydney think it's pretty cool too, and Syd keeps saying, "Isn't he cute?!" (She's right, he is). I've been having a great time catching up with my friend, and the husband and C have been friends since high school. Bonus: I didn't really plan anything major for C's birthday besides a special dinner and cheesecake. But then his friend came to visit and made it awesome. They went to the casino and stayed out until 4am (a fact they both sorely regretted the next day).

We've had such a great time with all our company. It's fun to show off all of our favorite spots and do the touristy things we hadn't had a chance to. And occasionally, for everyone to crash the f- out in the middle of the day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


My niece is visiting and the addition of a three year old has resulted in uber-adorableness and mass chaos. She and Syd are so freaking cute together, but they fight like its their job. Today Syd wanted to hold D's hand and D wasn't having it, so Syd chased her around while D held her hand above her head and screamed. E's response has been to get near psychotic ensuring that he remains near the center of attention. Animals, these people. Today we decided that the beasts needed ran so we took them to the zoo. The kids alternated between "OMG! They're so cute!" and "OMG! Do those children have parents?"

I'm including the turtle picture because I'm 12 and it cracks me up. Slowest, gruntiest animal sex I've ever seen and Eli made sure that everyone who walked nearby came and saw the turtles "climbing each other"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

You know those moments when you think you're pretty hot shit?

This year I finally thought to make copies of some of the pictures my mom has from way back when. Most are adorable baby pictures that illustrate just how much Syd looks like me and also show that Eli got his weird, awkward smile from his mom. But some are just pure awesomeness. Behold

I can pretty much guarantee that Gilette or Billy Joel was playing in the background. Also, pretty sure there's a half can of Herbal Essences hairspray on those perfectly coiffed bangs.

At the time I thought it was perfectly natural for a woman to ask a bunch of delinquent 16 year-olds to model wedding dresses at a bridal show. Even better, she let them all do their own make-up. Now? I'm thinking there was some awful bus accident that kept all the real models from making it. Seriously, one of the other pictures has a girl carrying a baby down the runway.
This one's just adorable. I guess if we really need to mock something, it could be the macrame wall hanging, but really? Curlers and footie pajamas? That's the definition of Hot Shit. 
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