Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Sometimes it's fun to put on boots and act a little ridiculous in a field before a concert with your friends 

(I do not do pinkies up on purpose and Coors Lite, while delicious, certainly doesn't warrant it. I started doing it when I was a dumb teenager person of legal drinking age and now I can't stop. I can't decide if that makes it better or worse?) 


Thursday, August 11, 2022

First day of school: A sequence of events

We've come an awful long way since their first day as a trio heading off to school together. Today they kicked it off and headed out for fourth grade (where she is THRILLED to be an older grade and have her first overnight field trip), a high school junior (OMG. A literal upper classman. His goal this year is to letter in three sports and stay under the radar of the administration), and a seventh grader (still figuring out what she wants the year to look like, but very firm in her decision to eschew her backpack in favor of a Trader Joes Dill Pickle reusable tote). My mom used to have a saying, "Somos Pocos Pero Somos Locos" which translates to "We are few but we are crazy" and I think it describes these hooligans perfectly. They're messy and ridiculous and really quite wonderful. 


And then, if I really want to feel all the feels, I can reflect back on this giant human's first day of kindergarten which I swear was about six days ago