Thursday, September 25, 2014

New jeans demon jeans

I sold almost all my baby clothes (finality tear) and in exchange, I got a pre-pre-sale pass to a huge kids' consignment sale. I've fine tuned my approach over the years, so I knew that I was looking for very specific things. Like pink cowboy boots 
And bonus that Averson got a pair too. 

As luck would have it, the middle one ended up to be the one with the wardrobe holes so I focused mainly on her. She did not end up with demon pants.
I did buy her two pair of boys jeans though. She hates her jeans because she "can't be speedy" in them and apparently "skinny" and "super skinny" are the only girl cuts available. We are not "super skinny" jean people. We're solidly carpenter. Maybe a boot cut occasionally. 

Speaking of jeans, I'm obsessed with boyfriend jeans. I want a pair so bad, but I can't figure out if I'm a) too short or b) too sturdy to pull it off. I tried a pair on at Gap and even took a picture that of course I can't find. What do you guys think? 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


This one was with the whole family, so it was equal parts walking, dragging, pushing, and carrying with brief bursts of jogging. We all wore costumes (including C in in appropriately short shorts!) which was awesome. 
Eli grew weary of our pace after the first mile and ran ahead. At each aid station someone would tell us, " I saw your son. He told us, 'Don't worry! I'm not an orphan!'" I sprinted to catch up with him so we could cross the finish line together. I think he's caught the bug :)
Syd was less enthused, but she rallied at the end. And Averson was her usual good-natured perfect baby self.
This was really fun to do together. The course was boring, but the people-watching made up for it. There were some really fun ones including Rainbow Brite and an Iron Maiden. There wasn't much by way of swag either (and that's a big draw for me. I'm a sucker for a free pen) but I'm still thinking about doing the 8 mile next year.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My legacy

As I was making lunches out of the last few, pre-shopping dredges of our fridge tonight, it dawned on me that someday my children will mock me by saying, "Mom! But where's the protein?!" That's my thing. I cannot stand an off balance meal and I will sing the praises of a good protein (that's what she said!). I refuse to let my kids eat a mere waffle for breakfast. There has to be more! 
So, train of thought, that got me thinking about my mom. My mom builds a mean plate, and she would rather serve slop than to serve an "all white" meal (eg chicken, rice, and potatoes.) Her other thing was tin cans in the fridge. She'd yell "botulism!" We didn't know what it was, but we didn't want it. Now my siblings and I yell, "Botulism!" anytime it's remotely relevant.
Follow the train...
So all of this made me curious what other people's things are. What will your children use to mock you? And what do you know about botulism?
Meatballs, cheese, and figs. Sad, but full of protein!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Silver, snotty lining

I HATE being sick. It's also maybe one of the worst possible times for me to miss multiple days of work. However, I just have an impassioned speech to my staff about priorities and self-care and boundaries so going in sick would have been poor show. Luckily I can remote in so I've been able to get work done between naps. Interestingly, I've probably been more productive this way. We'll see about quality later.

One of the upsides of being home has been seeing C and the kids' routines. I feel very "Stranger in a Strange Land." There are more dance parties than I would have expected. Breakfast is a BIG DEAL. There is mandatory quiet/book/video game/nap time. Today Syd came home from preschool and recreated the daily homework battle between C and Eli. "Ugh! It's not neat! Now I guess you want me to redo the whole thing!" C obliged by raising his voice and not laughing. Averson runs the place while the bigs are gone. Atticus is a totally well behaved dog until 3:00. WTF? I sort of love it all. It's also very much, "Your husband stays home? What's that like?"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sniffles and self injury

Ugh. Yesterday sucked in a "test your resiliency" and "WTF?" kind of way. The kind where afterward you feel like you're going to crawl out of your skin and you pace around consciously trying not to be a raging bitch. So I did what any reasonable person does and got a tattoo. I finally got Avery's part added to my family piece and it's AWESOME. It was also exactly what I needed. Two hours in the chair numbed by endorphins and shooting the shit with strangers does a body good. This may be a new coping skill. When I told a friend at work about my day though, her first response was "So you self-injured?" Welcome to the world of correctional psychology.

Today I'm sick. Like, came home from work, huddled under a blanket, haven't moved in hours sick. I called it last week but thought I may have dodged it. Nope. Now I keep yelling at the kids not to breathe my air. I indulgently and preemptively bout the Brangelina People and chicken soup so although it's terrible timing, I'm prepared for a forced rest.