Friday, October 30, 2020


 I’ve been on edge all week and I couldn’t really figure out why. Spoiler alert; it’s pretty straightforward. I turn 40 tomorrow. I spent the week at a suicide conference (and by “at” I mean on zoom from my couch.) The pandemic isn’t over just because I’m over it. And there’s the election next week that I am physically sick with worry about. 

And on top of that is all the little shit. Work. Laundry. Meal planning (OMG. I have FAILED at this this month) How do we balance everyone’s mental health with being COVID safe? 

I don’t like being whiny, but it feels like it would be disingenuous to gloss over all this and go straight into birthdays and costumes and candy zip lines and a new exercise thing that I’m suddenly obsessed with. The world is still pretty scary and while we’ve made the best of it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get me sometimes