Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Such a fun weekend! We had friends over Saturday night because I was craving margaritas and sautéed corn. Despite my double faux-pas of buying Cuervo AND preseasoned tri tip, it was an awesome night with a total of ten kids and the wunderdog running amok.

Today I embraced the weekend and actively planned to stay home and chill. I drank delicious coffee, ate two slices of leftover lemon meringue pie, and read Go Set A Watchman start to finish (OMG, so good!) I also washed all the dress up clothes in an effort to eliminate the lingering smell of pee in the playroom. Made for an adorable laundry line

Thursday, July 23, 2015


So Syd's on this confessing kick. Generally it's related to hygiene (I picked my nose, I touched my butt, etc.) but she's moving on to manners and ethics. Last night before bed she asked if she could say two bad words to tell me something. I told her to wait until the morning, assuming shed forget and go the f to sleep. 
This morning she stumbled into the bathroom while I was getting ready for work, adorable in her princess nightgown and bed head. She asked again if she could tell me. Then she quietly confessed, "Sometimes I say 'Motherfucker, Mother F' in my head." 

This girl. I can't even.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Vacation recap

I'm sitting here dragging out the evening and feeling borderline claustrophobic as I realize that one of my best vacations ever is coming to an end. I am SO SO happy that I decided not to rescind my vacation request when I realized that I would not be making multiple trips to the coast to shuttle the Bigs to and from Grandparentland. This week has been amazing. I read four books start to finish. I developed a crazy awesome tan. I spent HOURS in the gym (so much so that I'm involuntarily breaking into squat sets and planks, WTF?) I cooked real, delicious, thoughtful food after far too long living in drive-thru (Chipotle if we're fancy) or thrown together at the last minute meals.
The tan.
I went to Sephora to upgrade my blush and foundation (I'm working a piece at a time) and got the fancy tone match camera thingy for the foundation. When she brought it over I said hesitantly, "Um. That looks a little dark." To which she replied, "Do you have any idea how tan you are?" Yeah, it was a perfect match. Now that I've invested $35, I'm obligated to maintain this lovely, albeit hypocritical, skin tone.

Spent so much time with the Little. Without the Bigs, she became super talkative and animated. Like, cartoon character cute. I was worried that she'd quiet down when we picked up Eli and Sydney but she didn't. So now she's got her voice thrown in the mix. She's hilarious, by the way. Like, knee slapping funny.

We finished up the staycation by actually going to pick up Eli and Sydney from my folks and spending the weekend on the coast. It's a terrible place to have to visit.
The seem so big now!
Running the wunderdog on the beach, because he couldn't figure out how to play nice with other dogs.

These girls are my BFFs. We went to Sephora together and I let them sample all the things. They WURKED IT. And Syd with that hip cock? It kills me every time.

And last but not least, another awesome evening brought to you by local pro-wrestling. Now Syd loves it too, so we're officially obsessed.
The show started with a territory brawl that made Syd burst into tears with the injustice. Literally. And she still had make-up on from Sephora so her mascara smeared.
PBR. Let's pretend it was ironic.

Syd's favorite wrestler, The Pumpkin Queen. She switched teams since the last show and is now with "The Bad Guys" which has caused Syd to have a minor identity crisis. She's decided that this is actually The Pumpkin Queen's evil twin who is impersonating her. Yep. That's how into wrestling we are.

I feel like I hit the reset button. I won't go so far as to say that I'm ready to go back to work, but I'm definitely feeling more centered and balanced. And tan. Mostly tan.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adventure Day

(I can't get my pictures aligned right and it's driving me nuts. Forgive my wonky alignment)
We took advantage of my being off on a school day to go up to Tahoe and hike without the masses. Because they make hikes and campgrounds VERY hard to find, we managed to make a 1.5 hour drive last 3 hours (including the half hour clean up after Averson puked up all of her croissant in her carseat and had to be cut out of her shirt because long hair + vomit covered shirt = nope). When we finally found our spot, we headed up for a 5 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. I've nearly convinced myself that I want to actually backpack the trail. Maybe someday...
I counted this as "Backpacking" on MyFitnessPal, which meant 3 pieces of pizza for dinner :)
The trail was amazing! There were meadows full of wildflowers and then we ended up at a gorgeous, almost deserted lake. I say "almost" because there were a few people that wandered by, including a French man that walked five feet past me, then dove in the lake butt-nekkid. C got to see him in all his body-confident glory :)

Yay Nature!!
Avery was such a trooper! She even walked a good portion of the trail. And she LOVED the lake. It was freezing cold, but she spent a good part of the day naked or in her diaper (no spare clothes after the puke incident, so couldn't risk a wet outfit) throwing rocks in and wading up to her knees.

We all jumped in together. So cold, but so fun!

C spent most of the day fishing. This is his happy place, and if we ever win the lottery he will be doing this all day, every day. He only caught a couple little ones so no fish dinner. I finally had to drag him away as the storm clouds gathered and I realized that it was going to possibly be a very cold, very wet three miles.
This is the only picture of Atticus I uploaded, but it should be mentioned that we have found this dog's element. He was amazing! We kept him off-leash for nearly the whole trip and he was a rockstar. He stayed with us, even when we passed other people and dogs. He didn't chase animals or disappear. When C and I walked separately, he ran back and forth between us. This dog should really live with a cowboy or a hippie...
Racing the storm. Still had to stop to take a picture though, because So Pretty!


We finished the day with more SHIELD and a Costco pizza, which is pretty much the perfect evening.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lazy Day

I think I'm getting the hang of this "leisure time" thing. On Saturday we went to the gym for two hours, and then spent another couple hours in the pool. We made steak and watched TV, then had a family sleepover after the baby and the dog freaked the freak out about all the fireworks in my neighborhood. Sunday we did absolutely nothing. I read an entire book. I took a nap with Averson. We watched a couple of episodes of my new binge-watch show, S.H.I.E.L.D. (so good! I love all things superhero and I can't believe I haven't been watching this).
This one has a LOT to say when she's the only voice in the house. I miss the Bigs, but I'm loving the one on one time with the Little :)
Pretty sure the last time I napped with her, she was nursing
I laid out trying to tan (I know) my pasty legs. Until I realized my neighbor's adult grandson was watching me. Then it was awkward and I went inside. But lovely while it lasted!
All the screens. But also all the cuddles.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This is so weird

I just waved good-bye to Eli and Sydney as they headed off for a week with their grandparents. Eli does this every summer but this is Syd's first year. I took next week off, thinking that I was going to be making a 5 hour roadtrip four times but now I don't have to so I have a week of literal leisure time ahead of me. So leisurely that my dentist even cancelled my appointment. AND I just submitted final grades and won't be teaching for two months. It's been about an hour and I feel very disoriented. I'm assuming this is the "down time" people talk about? What does one do during down time? I've already made and eaten frozen grapes...
But really, I am so stupidly excited for next week. So excited that C is mocking me. So hive mind- weigh in. If you had a full week with no work and one kid, what would you do?