Sunday, August 31, 2014


Poor Strawberry Shortcake! She survives 30 years and four little girls, just to have her foot bit off by a pit bull. And I was totally willing to toss her, except as she was poised over the garbage Avery came around the corner, snatched her from me, ran to the corner, and said, "Shhh Baby." So of course now I'm contemplating a doll hospital...

This freaking dog is really helping me conquer all of my hoarder tendencies. He's also helping me update my shoe collection. I just spent far too much on dog toys, so hopefully we'll be spared for a few days.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's the little things

When your boss gives you glitter nail polish and then someone sends your kid a huge box of legoes, Bam! Before you know it the unicorns shitting rainbows are back

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The downside of empathy

In my world, we are all about the empathy. To the point of ridiculousness sometimes. And I'm good at it. I can totally "get" the most bullshit stuff or tortorous stuff. I can empathize with people who did/have done/are doing horrendous things and simultaneously feel for the victims. I consider it a strength that I'm able to maintain my belief that people, in general, are not malicious. Selfish yes. Assholes, yes. Narcissistic and short sided for sure. But I don't honestly believe people set out to be shitty human beings.

So all of this makes me a strange conversationalist but I'm also able to be painfully diplomatic, rational,and to find a way to interact authentically with most people. On the other hand, there are times where all I want is to be narrow-focused and not care about someone else's experience. I just want to be angry and righteous and unreasonable. And it's making me fucking pissed that I can't live in that place. Which means I'm wandering around with unfocused irritation. Blech.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Radio silence and the power of suggestion

I was doing so well for a minute! I was posting regularly, with pictures and cute anecdotes and all that good blogger stuff. Alas...
I started my new job (same place, different unit) and the learning curve is steep. I love learning a new program, but we're under a lot of scrutiny and pressure right now so there's not much room for, "I'm new here." Whenever people ask how I'm doing, I say "Busy (OMG am I busy) but nothing's caught fire yet so we're good!" So of course today an inmate tried to set himself on fire by sticking a paper lip into a light fixture. 

Eli started school today, at yet another school. This kid's a trooper! We're optimistic about this program, but really, after last year anything would look like an improvement. His school list this year had a chapter book for his desk, which cinched the deal for Eli. That's been a "special accommodation" before and now he gets one all the time. Big. Deal.

On top of all that, which is admittedly "good stress" we've also had a "bad stress" situation that I can't write about and has been using a lot of mental energy. It's a perfect storm and I'm so grateful for running and Trader Joe's freezer section because those are the only two things getting me through right now. 

I also think I'm going to plan a mini vacation. If I don't, I suspect that I will get drop-dead sick in about a month (right after a certification audit that no prison has managed to pass yet.) Right now nothing sounds better than kicking back on a porch with a cold beer and a mindless book.

*One* All I asked for was one decent first day of school picture. I didn't even use the freaking chalkboard.

Monday, August 4, 2014

True Mom Confessions

This is not the first time this has happened

I insist on serving organic milk. Which gets poured over Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops.

Sometimes I shop at Walmart so my kids' stuff is different than the masses. 

Sometimes I shop at Walmart just because

Sometimes we take a communal approach to clean socks

We eat a ridiculous amount of PB&Js

I make up words to the really long books "And then they saw a monster and ran away. The end!"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Getting out

Such a fun day of hiking and splashing in swimming holes, finished off by amazing burgers, pesto fries (!), and milkshakes. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

This dog

I've become that obnoxious, "Want to see a picture of my dog?!" person. This dog. He barks and ate my Uggs and has the worst gas ever. But he also climbs in your lap, smiles, and tolerates the baby mauling him.
It's definitely weird to have a dog again, especially after Haley who was so amazingly unassassuming. Atticus is much more a puppy and in need of more attention. He can be naughty too, snatching up toys/spoons/wash clothes/etc and hiding them in his crate.

He's getting great on our runs (unless we see a bird). I'm thinking about getting him a weighted backpack because the three miles every. freaking. morning. is NBD. 

I think we've settled on him being part boxer and part pit bull. I am eating crow about all the things I thought about pit bulls. I've never seen a dog who's more inherently gentle and tolerant with kids. Still working on doggy manners, but that will come, I'm sure.