Thursday, December 14, 2023

Averson Paige (for real now!)

 Averson started going by "Averson" in preschool, when multiple kids shared her name and I had some very strong, probably illogical, responses to her being differentiated by her last initial. C had suggested it as a name when we were expecting her, and I was quick to explain that that was not a real name and he didn't know what he was talking about. I really thought he was trying to trick me into naming her after Allen Iverson. I stand corrected (obviously).

She's spent her entire school career explaining to people that her name is "Avery" but she goes by "Averson." We've talked about changing it officially for years, but that's a more complicated process than one would think. Knowing she's headed to middle school next year (OMFG), we decided that it was time to fish or cut bait. We filled out a bunch of court forms in triplicate, wrote a big check, and published our intent to change her name in the most rando newspaper ever. This past Monday, we got notice that our petition had been approved and her name is now, officially, Averson Paige. 

She is SO excited. Like, more than I really anticipated that she would be. Post covid, the hearing was pretty anticlimatic since we didn't have to actually go to the court house. I wanted to memorialize it somehow for her, so I posted this picture to all my socials (as a millennial mom does.) She also has a name necklace coming for her stocking and I really hope she loves it.

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  1. Oh, Congrats!! We're in the name-change process too (trans kid), and I hope it comes through soon. Best to get it done before official documents like transcripts and licenses, they said.