Tuesday, December 31, 2013


A lot of the blogs I read are doing 2013 recaps. I love the idea of looking back through my pictures, and as it so happens all the bigs ditched me for a party across the street. Total win-win. This is the longest that I've been in a quiet house in years! So without further ado, and before I settle down with a plate of cookies and inappropriate tv...

Believe it or not, I considered this to be tiny
The boys went to a 49ers playoff game on a party bus
Eli played basketball

Ms. Avery Paige

7 tiny pounds at 7:00 am on March 1st

Syd did gymnastics
Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Jess came to visit
First road trip as 5!

We totally took a 2 month old camping
This one turned 3
We all ran our first race (with various success)
Our attempt at memorializing our 10th anniversary

And this one turned 7!



We bought a house! (and did a shit ton of work on it)

2nd Grade and Preschool
And I finally ran the race that inspired me to start running

Family meet-up in LA

Thor, Princess Rupunzel/Ariel/Sydney, and Super Avery


Thanksgiving on the coast

And I ran in a mustache :)
Baby dedication

Christmas Jammies!
Looking back, 2013 was full of travel, adventures, and major life changes. No wonder we're finishing out the year exhausted and broke! But it's like they say, I'd rather screech in at the last minute, dirty and disheveled. 

Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 23, 2013


I remember reading The Phantom Tollbooth and reading for the first time the word "din." Man I love that word. It so perfectly describes itself. It also perfectly describes my home.
I have the next week off, and like any other staycation we've had, by day three I'm blown away by just how crazy and loud these people are. This morning was no different.
We were all five, FIVE, of us lying in bed. Wait. I was lying. Averson was "crawling," Sud was "not jumping," and Eli was alternatively draped on my and wallering the baby. Everyone was laughing/talking/screeching/whining. And all I could think was, "we should have another one." I am a sick, sick person. (Totally not having #4. I got the "very bad idea" speech after Avery. But still..,)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Ack. So busy. But good busy. This weekend was awesome, and it's FINALLY starting to look like Christmas around here. I've had gifts stashed in the closet for weeks (thank God for Amazon!) but the rest has been done in phases. But this weekend, we kicked holiday butt.
Syd was SO excited about decorating the tree. She chose a special ensemble herself.
So fancy for Averson's dedication
Princess :)
Lights on the house! When we bought the house, this was what I pictured. So pretty!
She started waving! It's the cutest freaking thing.
 I'm so excited for this Christmas! It's going to be AWESOME.
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Thursday, December 5, 2013


I just realized how long it's been since I posted! But I accidentally left my camera at my dad's, so my very few phone pictures will have to do.

Thanksgiving! Standing (read: propped up)! We went on a date!

I did my first Black Friday shopping this year and it was awesome (though I got most of my deals online). I'm doing a much better job of being thoughtful and reasonable with the kids' gifts. We even sponsored two angel-tree kids, which was awesome. And this weekend I intend to get a tree and coat my house in lights!