Friday, August 25, 2023

Youth Recruit Eli

We are in a season where all the kids are happy and healthy and well and I am frequently overwhelmed by gratitude for that. Eli, especially, is absolutely THRIVING right now. He's in a dual enrollment program where he's spending half of his day in fire tech training and even though it's a bit of a logistical crash course, it's just such an amazing opportunity for him. Thank god he can drive. 

And speaking of driving, his parking spot brings me all the feels

My brother gifted him his first gen Prius. We weren't in a position to get him a car so this was such a huge gift and made it possible for him to do this program. He loves the freedom and even though he doesn't really appreciate the benefit of a hybrid to a kid with no income, I certainly do. 

A uniform! 

And his own personal axe. He assures me that it's all safe and copacetic. We shall see...

Seriously. This program is LEGIT. 


Tuesday, August 8, 2023

My octopus

I've been wanting to add to my shoulder tattoo for awhile, but I didn't know what I wanted and tattoos are expensive and it was just a whole "thing" and I already had enough things. But then my regular tattoo artist took on an apprentice, which meant that I could get an appointment quicker and cheaper, from someone learning from someone I trusted, so I figured "fuck it!" 

I am SO IN LOVE with this tattoo. Seriously. I think it's my absolute favorite one. She did such a good job on it. Every time I remember that it's on my arm I get excited all over again. She didn't show me the drawing until the day of the tattoo, so I got to be totally surprised by it which was fun and I'm so glad I hadn't chickened out. She designed it so we can keep building if I want, which I hadn't considered but now that I see how pretty it is, it may turn into a whole sleeve. 

I have no serious attachment to octopuses or the ocean but I just love this guy (or maybe girl? I haven't decided yet) It's just so fucking rad. Also I just learned that they can itch their own lungs so that's weird and cool. Plus they are cool animals...


Monday, August 7, 2023

Camping photodump


We finally went camping and it was everything I needed. We fished and hiked and made spoons and figured out how to use my new percolator. I tested out new s’mores recipes and decided that the best choice is to use a peanut butter cup in place of the chocolate. C and I cold plunged in a lake. Sydney declared that she was never camping again (though I’m not sure she meant it) and Averson immediately asked when we could go back.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

I love her little brain

I want to remember forever this season where one of her favorite things to do is annotate her two favorite books. She carries them around with highlighters, along with whatever book she's currently reading, and calls them her "comfort books." I've peeked over her shoulder and there does seem to be some sort of order to what she chooses to highlight, but what her method is lives in her brain alone.