Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is what happens when I'm left alone

The boys have made the trek to Arizona, and now to Colorado. From what I hear, the trip is going great and they're having a great time. I'm home alone, for the first time since E was born. The house is very quiet, and last night I slept for a very long time. Today our friends invited me along to the St. Paul Winter Carnival. These are statues carved with chainsaws.

After we were sufficiently frozen (-25 with the windchill today) we drove around a bit and explored St. Paul and Minneapolis. This city is really growing on me. We did some window shopping, and then out to dinner. Lo and behold, across from the restaurant was the very piercing shop that I was referred to by a woman I work with. And so,

The moral of the story is: Leave me alone too long and I'll freeze my ass off and put a hole in my head. It's cute though, don't you think?

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