Friday, October 16, 2009

Saying goodbye sucks

Tomorrow we are planning to hit the road and head back West. I'm really excited for the trip and the next chapter, but I've been in denial about actually having to say goodbye to the friends that we've made here. E woke up sick, and so had to miss the last day of school. The first tears were shed as I packed up his cubby and said goodbye to his great teachers and wonderful director. His teachers had a going away gift for E, and E gave his class blue cookies. It's amazing what a difference a good daycare makes, and I'm hoping we're as lucky in California.

Then I went to have coffee with my best Minnesota friend and her beautiful little girl. I think I'm still in denial about leaving these guys.

The trailer is packed and has been picked up. I'm still working on getting us organized and the cars packed, but it looks like we're actually going to have to leave. So Minnesota, thanks for being so good to us. I will gladly be mocked for the accent and feel offended whenever anyone invokes Fargo as being a good example of the state. Oh geez. And in true Minnesota fashion, I will always say "This isn't cold! Remember when it hit -35, -55 with the windchill?"

*It also sucks to be sick when there's no TV or furniture. REALLY hoping he gets better soon.

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