Monday, January 18, 2010

Because I am unable to resist showing the universe how crazy I am

I had today off (Yay for state jobs!) and the planets aligned, so C did too (Yay Universe!). We took full advantage. By that I mean C let me sleep in, then we took the kid and got pancakes. We really know how to live it up around here. Then we took E to daycare so that we could get some work done on the house, the dishwasher repairman could work in peace, and I could purge some of the craptastic toys that are threatening my sanity.

Now, because we had such a leisurely morning, E got to school just in time to lay down for nap. Because I'm thoughtful, I offered to tuck him in and innocently asked his teacher where his blanket was. The blanket that has been his daycare blanket since he started daycare three years ago. The blanket that's survived four daycares, two cross-country moves, and numerous out-of-state trips. The blanket that, despite my hatred of writing names on things, has E's name on it. Do you see where this is going?

According to the teacher, she can't find his blanket. She last saw it in the wash room, because apparently they wash the kids blankets, and now she can't find it. No idea how long it's been. No idea where it is. I was rational and even offered that maybe it was at home. I promised to look. Then I asked where the loaner blankets were, so that E could lie down. People, there are NO LOANER BLANKETS. Despite the fact that there are two full laundry hampers in the room. My son has had to sleep on a bare cot while his classmates are all cozy on sheets, with blankets that remind them of home and are loved.

I came home, tore the house apart, and still no blanket. C remembered taking to school about a week ago. All signs point to it making it to school, and therefore being lost. If you know me, you know that I HATE to lose things. It consumes me. Especially when said things also have sentimental value. So now I'm convinced that this is just another nail in the coffin of this particular daycare and just goes to show that I was, in fact, not being irrational or insert more attractive adjective than snobbish about this school and we do need to move him. What kind of school loses a preschooler's beloved blanket and doesn't even mention it to the parents? How long's it been missing? How long's E been asking for his "all froggy blanket" only to shiver, cold and alone, on a dismal and probably germ-infested cot?

Throughout the day I managed to shrink myself enough not to immediately submit our resignation and go all crazy-ass preggo mom on the school by the time we went to pick him up. I had convinced myself that it's a blanket, that kids lose things, that it'll show up, blah blah blah. In fact, I was pretty okay with everything and filled with some renewed daycare love. The we went in to his classroom, where the kids were all gathered around, watching Dr. Doolittle 2. You know, with Eddie Murphy. The one rated PG for language and crude humor. And they may have also watched Dr. Doolittle 1 (PG-13) today.

Anyone know any good daycares around here? Ones that don't have TVs hidden in the room and keep track of beloved blankies?

*Update* Complained to director this afternoon. An hour later the blanket had been found and the TV removed from the classroom. I still have my reservations but I'm feeling very all-powerful. Part of the dilemma with moving E is that there are very few places, none conveniently located, that also take infants. My radar's up now though, so we'll see how it goes.


  1. You know I have to say I don't think, at least in this case, you are crazy at all. I would yank him out of that class quick. The blanket thing has my blood boiling. Seriously how long would he be blanketless if you had gotten their at nap time! Grrr! And the movie-don't know if I even should begin. But if teacher can't be creative enough to think of activity that engages minds then the teacher should put in an age appropriate movie. Or even better only a 30 minute show. Why a movie? Do they watch movies all the time, or was it because it was a holiday? I may not be disproving your crazy but proving my own.

  2. so irritated that can't use correct grammar-sorry

  3. it's nuts, you are not. Who doesn't call the parents when a blanket goes missing? Who are these people, droids? Seriously.