Friday, September 21, 2012


We got an inmate on the unit a couple months ago, and on the first day he was assigned to someone else's caseload. As I walked past his cell he called me over and asked, "Do you like Linkin Park?" I gave some vague, short answer because this type of question is usually a lead in to, "Hey, what's this is in my hand?! So sorry, I didn't see you there. Please keep talking." Eww.

A few weeks later, this inmate was still on the unit, and he again called me over. "Hey, aren't you the one I was asking about Linkin Park? You never answered." So I gave another vague, but less defensive answer because if you're there that long, it's usually because you're crazy. Something along the lines of "Yeah. They're pretty good. Why do you ask?" Then I went to my office and Googled "Linkin Park" because I'm not really as cool as people think I am.

The next day he was on my caseload, which gave me the opportunity to figure out what this guy's obsession with Linkin Park is. Turns out, he's not all that into them, but he "knows" that I used to hang with them, and he was letting me know that my secret was safe. Apparently I'm WAY cooler than people think I am.

This dude kept this up for several more weeks. Never outright saying it, but always alluding the idea that I had this shady past hanging out with drug dealers/musicians. I wasn't even a groupie, but more a member of their inner circle. And then I hung that all up to talk people out of eating paperclips and smearing shit on the windows. Living the dream...

Reason #4567 that my job rocks: I'm pretty fucking awesome in other people's delusions.

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  1. Love this! I always wanted a friend who was in with the a cool band.