Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving on the coast

Our last minute decision to head to my dad's for Thanksgiving was one of the best decisions we've made in a while. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. We didn't have anything planned except to hang out, so it was super low-key and low pressure. My dad lives on a pseudo-ranch, so Eli got to ride a three-wheeler and play in the goat pen (side note: WTF? The kid won't get within 20 feet of a feed-high sheep at the zoo but he'll jump right in the middle of thirty "real" goats and sheep who are anxiously awaiting food.) Thanksgiving was delicious and I made a really crappy cheesecake and a really awesome apple pie (from scratch!) 

The next day we went to one of our new favorite beaches that has amazing tide pools and is usually pretty secluded.

We also got all gussied up for the aforementioned awesome photography deal for our Christmas cards. The outfits I put together were perfect, and after a brief battle of the wills Syd agreed to wear her dress and brand-new red sparkle shoes. Of course, after driving an hour to a beautiful winery, Sydney flat-out refused to look at the photographer. And the two times she came close, Eli decided to give someone bunny ears. It was such a cluster-fuck that C made the kids solemnly apologize and sit for "as many pictures as Mama wants" when we got back to the house.

We slept in every morning until 8:00 while our kids were entertained by grandparents and/or iPads, watched movies, and had an overall awesome and much needed holiday. Now we're back, and kicking into high Christmas gear. This year we're debating buying a fake tree or getting a real one (since we're not getting C's sweet sweet discount anymore). I am intrigued by the idea of not having to water a tree or figure out how to get rid of it when we move and remember it's still behind the house in January Thoughts or opinions? 

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  1. Real!! Such a fuss but so many great childhood memories stem from the putting up and taking down of a real tree, not to mention the can't be replicated by a candle!