Friday, July 11, 2014

Date Night

The plague has lifted! My girls are both bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again and, more importantly, we didn't have to cancel our date night. Priorities.
Super awkward forced picture of best. dress. ever. I may wear it every day.

I bought a dress last weekend, in a boutique, for full price. Then I immediately wrote C and informed him that the dress needed to be taken out and shown a good time. We went with another couple to a comedy show and it was AWESOME. The headliner was Rick Guitierrez. Hilarious! And his whole spiel is about being married and a parent. At one point he even talked about how parents never buy clothes in stores for full price :) Highly recommend him.


  1. Great dress! You look gorgeous-- love your hair, too!

  2. That is the best dress ever. It looks perfect on you. You look fantastic! Glad the girls are well and glad you got your date night.

  3. They should probably pay YOU to wear that dress! You look AWESOME! XOXOX
    Yay for date night :)