Monday, January 5, 2015


OMG. I'm pretty sure that 90% of the people I've interacted with today have argued with me. I came home and drank a half a bottle of wine. For all my talk, I NEVER do that. I'm starting to seriously consider some of my choices. I love the challenge of my new job, but I feel like all I do is fight. My staff is exhausted and they project their resentment onto me. All my indicators of success are moving targets. I redid the same form six times today for no discernable reason. And all the higher level reward is gone. We're not  helping people. They're not getting better because of our efforts. It feels very artificial and futile. 
So. Ugh. 


  1. Sorry. That is a genuine UGH. As long as they aren't getting any worse that's a win. If you recall, I am not much of an arguer - whether I'm right or wrong there is just a point where I shut my mouth (and keep it shut indefinitely). I can imagine that your work seems futile sometimes -maybe you can tweek what seems rewarding. Love you.

  2. I am exhausted for you. Still feeling the same?