Monday, March 2, 2015

Averson's Two!

Holy cow. It's cliche, but I feel like that went really fast!
We had an adorable, simple party with Avery's little friends. She asked for a "Mickey Mouse Birthday" so we themed it up. Then Costco thwarted my plan by not carrying Mickey Mouse nuggets for the first time in history. So... Mickey Mouse dinosaurs.
I'm working on getting more non-selfies. Though I do love a good selfie.
Case in point
Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Because of course.
And then we finished with a family showing of Big Hero 6 (so cute!) 
It was a perfect birthday. This little girl is the embodiment of joy and I literally love her so much it hurts. I loved her as a baby and I'm loving her as a full blown toddler. She's funny and sweet and a little naughty. 


  1. Love the selfie of the 3 of you. And I highly disagree with the "naughty" part. She is the sweetest toddler ever!