Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tis the Season

I am a crafty person. I dream of making all the things, and I love a good project. With all the kids and the jobs and the adulting though, I don't often get a chance to really go to town. Also, I have found that my desire to really make a mess and create is negatively correlated with my responsibility and obligation to clean up after myself.

All that goes to pot for Halloween. I love to make costumes. I have fond memories of my own homemade costumes. It's not financially reasonable to make all my kids clothes, but gosh darn it, I can make them a costume! Which of course means that my kids love the store bought. I still manage to make something every year though. Last year I hit the jackpot with my Pizza Box and my Cowgirl Princess. This year I have two store-bought mermaids and a homemade (meaning I bought boots and cargo pants) Roman Reigns (shocker, right?) (Also. Pretty sure everyone will assume he's a stripper)

BUT. Today alone I have made:

Four mermaid crowns with real seashells

Nine minion t-shirts

A tactical chest protector
Creamy chicken soup from scratch
A huge ass of myself at work (again) (I think I may be just a *teensy* bit more stressed than I allowed myself to believe.) But moving on

My fingers are covered in paint and my playroom is covered in projects and I kind of really love it :)
There's totally a 1970s kitchen in my playroom. Long story.

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