Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Christmas photo dump

Christmas really breezed by this year. It felt cozy, but also relatively underwhelming. To top it off, my brother and his wife had to cancel their visit last minute, so it was just my own little cozy crew.

I got sucked into the craft at work and nerded out with a glue gun

We did, however, add more light tours to our schedule this year. I've always wanted to do the fancy downtown neighborhood so this year on a whim we all went. I cannot wait to do it again next year, maybe in a horse carriage or rickshaw.

And our own hometown's cute little street was a hit as always. C wore his Kenough shirt and was thrilled with the addition of the Barbie box. I was thrilled with the reactions he got. Just remember, he is Kenough and so are you!

Averson's new tradition is wearing my mom's fur on our light walks. Two year's running!

I'm just so grateful for our cozy little Christmas house

And big kids who are still willing to pose in matching PJs (not pictured is their favorite shot, where all three are showing their favorite fingers #bigkidlaughs)

I panicked a little, because I never got around to comparing piles to make sure that everyone was equal. BUT, it all worked out! Sydney and Eli had exactly the same number, and Averson came out two ahead only because of creative wrapping. And everyone loved their gifts. Eli just kept saying how much he loved the electric razor, in case you were worried that buying for 17 year olds was hard.

She asked for Legos, and then pretty quickly realized that she didn't have the patience or emotional fortitude for them. She made it through though!

The kids got C the big, big pack of colored pencils that he's been eyeing like Ralphie and the Red Ranger 200. He proclaimed it one of his top 5 gifts ever

My sister posted a picture of her Christmas, and we realized that we bought our families the same matching PJs. I love that even though we're so far apart, we still were sort of together.



  1. Ha— we also had a teen who loved a razor. And I LOVE the fur— excellent tradition!!

  2. So jolly! That's so sweet about your sister and you landing on the same family pajamas! I can just see a massive cousins pajama picture in the future!

    Is there an extra kid in one of your early pics, or am I completely off?