Thursday, April 4, 2019


C's sister and her family came to visit from Colorado for their Spring Break. They were anxious to get some of our glorious California weather and we did not disappoint with the ONE single day of non-rain. But alas, they were troopers and we bought a bunch of umbrellas. The kids always love having cousins in the house, and her kids are teenagers which made it even more awesome. 
We dyed their hair blue. Unfortunately for my dark-haired girls it was a lesson in futility and wasted money. But K's hair looked great! 

They requested In-N-Out. We hardly ever go and when the guy told me my total I made him recount because I was sure it was about half of what it should be. I have a theory that only people born in California are fanatical about In-N-Out, but if I can feed my teenager two full meals and still pay less than $25 I may be a convert.

A rainy day in San Francisco where we forced them to eat clam chowder on the sidewalk. Despite Averson's face, she actually really loved it. 

SO GOOD. Also, they hand out free samples when you walk in. I may have taken the kids through a couple extra times. 

They wanted to see the ocean but I don't think that this is what they imagined. BUT there was a giant pile of sea lions to their left, so that was some consolation for the lack of palm trees and surfers. 

It's not a trip to the flea market without petting a llama

Cousins! They were so thrilled with their flea market hats.
Our nephew turned 13 right before they came and he requested to go to a trampoline park. This is our new favorite place. No pics of boys though because I couldn't catch them. Averson, on the other hand, jumped for 30 minutes and then fell asleep on my lap. 

It was so fun to have the house full of family! We're already anxious for them to come back :)

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  1. Just have to say it was the best therapy for me I wish we had longer to spend!!! We had so much fun!! So glad we visited, be careful what you ask for because we are already scheming to see when we can get back together with you guys!! Thanks for the hospitality and the fun memories!! my kids are STILL talking about the trampoline park and the traffic coming out of San Francisco. Thank you for taking such good care of my brother and those amazing kids! you guys are doing amazing at bringing up those babies (yes the teenager included LOL) Love you guys!!

    PS you coleslaw recipe is my new favorite, I plan to make it often!!