Friday, November 1, 2019

Halloween 2019

Last year, we celebrated Halloween just a couple weeks after we moved into our new house, and it really cemented our love for this amazing little neighborhood. It's so idyllic to be able to let your kids run in a neighborhood where all the houses are decorated, traffic is non-existent, and cul-de-sacs abound so you're likely not to lose anyone. I'm doing this thing where I invite people over and then choose not to stress about hosting, so I suggested to a couple friends that they should bring their kids over to trick-or-treat with us. A couple turned into two crockpots of taco meat, a candy cane full of Fireball, 30 people, and birthday cake. It was amazing. 

The Ace of Spades and the Mad Hatter

A card soldier, the Queen of Hearts, and Hipster Alice

So many friends! Also, how insanely yellow is my kitchen? Buying paint ASAP

AND I turned 39! My sweet friend gifted me this awesome coffee mug to go with my birthday donuts. I took the day off work to chaperone Syd's geology field trip and prep for our non-party. Eli made me breakfast in bed (including the best scrambled eggs I've had in a long time), the girls remembered that I wanted Salt Fat Acid Heat, and C bought me, my mom, and the girls tickets to see Maleficent tonight. I'm hoping that 39 ushers in a year of self-care and consistency, starting with my half-assed (but still better than nothing) visit to the gym this morning. Followed by a leftover donut. 

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