Sunday, July 19, 2020

Lake Day

I've been trying to get off my damn phone more, and one of the strategies I'm using is to try to go for a good hike every weekend. Without practices and sports and all the other things that we typically fill our time with, the weekends can get a bit long and punchy. So we run the kids a bit, C typically fishes, and I inevitably get a sunburn. It's pretty wonderful.
Yesterday we tried out a lake a friend recommended (Caples Lake if you're local). The drive was longer than we'd usually commit to, but it was totally worth it because it seemed to deter the crowds. We found this beautiful lake in the woods with good swimming spots, promising fishing spots, and lots of cool natural obstacle courses (we're all obsessed with The Floor is Lava right now). One of the few groups we ran across was camping up there and now I'm kind of obsessed

Averson's a natural with a fishing pole

Sometimes maybe they don't hate each other

Happy, tired, and some of us missing our clothes because they fell in the lake

Future album cover

A smile! With teeth! 

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