Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mother’s Day 2021

 Mother’s Day this year was perfectly delightful and low-key. C and the kids made breakfast, we ran errands, and then spent the afternoon putzing around the house. I was perfectly spoiled with a subscription to the Book of The Month Club, two new outfits selected by Eli and Syd, and jewelry that Averson picked out. Syd made a quiche for dinner and then the kids and I went for frozen yogurt. I felt very appreciated :)

When the family really understands you and knows you like to make your own coffee

I really love sharing Mother’s Day with my mom and having her here. We were so lazy this year, but I love this picture of her and I from Murder-Con pre-apocalypse 

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  1. Book of the Month is THE BEST!!! But I cannot resist the add on books, surprising exactly no one.