Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Endless Summer


You guys? We are living an endless summer and I am NOT okay with it. I was GIDDY when the forecast for last weekend was 77 degrees and had such big plans for a cozy day, which was stupid because 77 is still shorts weather and I missed my window to wear a hoodie to soccer in the morning because it has been summer for the last 8 thousand years and I'm out of practice. By the time I thought about any reasonable cozy accoutrements, it was hot and sunny and beautiful out again. I had planned to make soup for dinner. Like, put a lot of thought into what would be the "first soup of the season" (FYI: it was between chili, sopa fideo from Not the Worst Mom, or Superfoods soup). But then it was close to 80 and soup seemed silly, so we had tacos. AGAIN. On Monday I sent Averson to school with a sweatshirt and we literally clapped with joy. 

I was tempted just to crank the AC to fake fall, but then the electric bill showed up and our stupid pool cost us more than a car payment. BECAUSE IT'S HOT AND ALWAYS WILL BE AND THERE'S NOTHING TO DO BUT SWIM IN THE DUMB POOL. Life is hard, guys. 

I want soup and rain and to sit on the couch reading a book under a blanket. I'm gazing longingly at my sweater shelf every morning and my joggers every night, while I make do with breathable blouses and shorts. Any time I turn on the AC in my car, I mutter swear words under my breath. 

Send cooling thoughts. And rain. 

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  1. It is FINALLY coming down here, a couple of stars to your east. I am so happy the high at our house today is only 70, and our nearby city is only 6 degrees warmer. Thursday or will be in the 60s both on the city and here!!! Hopefully it will stay cooler, as I am tired of sweating when I am running the kids to things in town!