Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Halloween - Belatedly

 Huh. One minute you're thinking to yourself, "maybe I'll try some version of writing every day in November!"  Then you look up and realize it's mid-month and you never even posted Halloween pictures

This year felt like that thing people say about not knowing it's going to be the last time you pick your child up. Every year I have my three kids on my stoop in their costumes and even though Eli is basically an adult, I wasn't totally ready for him to not be in the picture. And then Sydney had her friends and I didn't want to be ridiculous, and then Averson wanted a store-bought costume and picked the most popular one of all time, complete with bleeding mask. And lo and behold, I am officially the mom of big kids and next year I don't even think they'll need a chaperone for trick or treating. 

BUT I love working somewhere where people are enthusiastic about shenanigans, my boss sent me an axe transforming my costume from "Barbie" to "Serial Killer Barbie," the pink jumpsuit is still an absolute delight, and my birthday was wonderfully feted. Plus Eli's girlfriend's car really iced the cake on my Barbie day 

Subway Surfer and Ghostface

Birthday Donuts!

Minions, but make it fashion

I love my work people

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