Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Kitchen Ennui

 I don't know that I've ever had a better reason to use the word "ennui" than I do now. I believe that maybe we each have a certain number of meals we are capable of spontaneously planning and creating and if so, that perhaps I have reached my limit. I just CANNOT with any of it. I don't have any inspiration to plan meals, shop for meals, cook meals, eat the meals. Thank God C hasn't expended all of his allotted meals or my kids would absolutely be subsisting on air fried chicken nuggets, apples, and crystal lite drink mix. 

But seriously. How are we supposed to keep doing this? Do I just stick to the "spaghetti, tacos, grilled cheese, chicken wrap" rotation for the rest of my f-ing life? I feel like this might be indicative of something deeper because I literally cannot muster even the energy to consider meals. I even thought about going back on the HelloFresh/Every Plate thing but... eh. I'm doing this nutrition challenge at my gym, so maybe that will help? I mean, Averson's 11. I still have at least 7 more years of social responsibility and a need to ensure she doesn't get scurvy. 

Am I alone in this or is this one of those "Everyone has it and no one talks about it" things? 

Here's what I've planned this week:

Chicken wraps (with the above mentioned chicken nuggets). That's it. We had them yesterday. Tomorrow's a mystery. Today is (shrug)


  1. Yes!!!!!! I hate it and I’m sick of it too. Sometimes when I read what you write, I’m like she describes it so wellllllllllll. I made tots and Dino nuggets tonight. Nachos last night. There is no dinner making end in sight.

  2. Oh, yeah. Big trouble with this one. 18 year old and 14 years old are both picky, with only some overlap on their preferences. I have done Blue Apron (mostly too gourmet for them), Hello Fresh (some are OK, but I'm kind of tired of those few choices they'll eat also), and recently Home Chef (we all liked a few! Will likely try more soon). But the ennui.

  3. I am glad we have maybe busy evenings that I can make then "fend for yourself" nights. But I still cook multiple dinners a week, and it struggle to find things everyone will eat without too much fuss but isn't the same thing every single week...

  4. I'm so desperate for something to serve for dinner that I started using our old crockpot.