Saturday, September 6, 2008

Silver linings

We have had the coolest weekend so far! It's been one of those weekends that magazines would call "full of family fun." Although we would like to think that we're a little cooler than "family fun" it has been a really good time. Last night, after doing the "I don't know. What do you want?" dance for about 45 minutes we decided to go out to dinner (Applebee's. Living it up!) E was an angel, we had a good table, the food was good, yadda yadda. Then we came home and found that we'd gotten new Netflix. Movie night! We pulled all the pillows in the house into the TV room and made a bed on the floor. I love that we have a place big enough to lay on the floor! We watched I am Legend (weird and really good) and Dan in Real Life (very, very sweet). Then today we went to the zoo, which was awesome. All of the enclosures are huge and they have some really unusual animals (dolphins and takins were today's favorites). They also had lots of baby animals. The wagon was making a brain-shattering squeal (it needs a little tune-up) so we cut the day short in favor of our sanity. We hit "the Wal-Mart" and then came home, where everyone lazed for the rest of the day.

This move definately kicked our butts and it's been hard to get excited about all of these changes. It was really nice to have this weekend to just have fun and hang out together. The zoo was a bright spot and gave us something to look forward to, and will be a nice way to get out of the house without spending a lot of money (we bought a membership). The house is incredible and so much more than I could ever imagine. Already I can't believe we lived so long in our last, much smaller place. So if my internship sucks and C has to keep working his crappy job and crappy schedule and E continues to fine-tune the art of whining we'll still have room to spread out, a daycare that our kid loves, and animals to gawk at. It could be worse.

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