Sunday, November 16, 2008

Really? A whole month?

Crap! I had no idea that it had been so long since I updated. My apologies to both of you who check in to see how we're doing. Life is going well. My internship has taken a sharp turn for the better. I have a real, official supervisor and I'm doing some awesome, super fun work. I'm focused mostly in the mental health unit, which is completely new to me but a big adventure. I've also been taking all 60 of our mental health inmates to the gym everyday, which is a little like taking your life into your own hands while trying to look calm and collected on the outside. I think I breathe an audible sigh of relief every day when the call comes that they can leave. My sole goal is to ensure that no one dies and no one escapes. So far so good.

We switched E to a new school at the beginning of November. We were starting to get a weird vibe from his other school, and the price difference didn't seem quite so big the second time around. Plus they were feeding him Cheese Balls (like generic Cheetos) as a "healthy" snack. The new place is great and more of what we were looking for as far as structure and challenging him to develop. He seems to like it, and they seem to like him. It's not the gushing, over the top love of the last place but I'm okay with that. The first week we saw a complete elimination of the tantrums in the mornings and the crappy attitude in the evenings, so I think that we made the right choice.

Without further ado, pictures. E is growing like a weed and has started pretending, which is really fun. He's more of a little boy everyday. One of his favorite games right now is to run around the house like a crazy man chasing one of us. If we manage to juke away from him he laughs so hard he falls down. He's starting to be interested in hockey and one of my colleagues has offered to teach him to skate this winter. How cute would that be?
The little golfer, ready for trick-or-treating.

At the children's museum. We're big on turtles right now.

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