Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crap. Once a month just isn't going to work for this whole blogging thing. Maybe a New Year's Resolution is in order...

The big news is that Minnesota is cold. Who knew? We had a storm last week that dropped the temperatures to -18. Yep, that's a minus sign right there. There was a little snow, but not much. It was just so cold that it hurt to breathe. I shouldn't complain since up north it got even colder, but damn. We're getting another storm that's bringing a lot more snow. I think we've gotten about six inches today. E loves the snow and we've had a great time playing in it.

E has informed us that there are monsters in his room and so we've spent the last couple of weeks dealing with that. We tell him that they are just pretend, but I don't know that he gets that. We'll hear him yelling "You're not real! Go away!" so at least he's trying. No real progress on the potty training, but we're not pushing it either. Still waiting for the magical potty fairy to help us out.

We're busy getting ready for Christmas. E asked Santa for Christmas lights, which set the bar pretty low. The tree is up and I'm baking cookies like my life depends on it. Hope you all have a great holiday! We miss you!

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