Monday, February 16, 2009


Every so often I realize that I am spending far too much time in front of a screen and I make an effort to take a break and get re-grounded. This weekend was perfect because I sent off the final draft (!) of my dissertation this week. I'm always amazed by how many more hours are in the day when you get off of the computer. For example, here is a sampling of a few of the things I accomplished this weekend.
Isn't this beautiful? It started with all the food in a crappy lazy susan cabinet, but now it's all organized and I don't have to worry about counter-balancing my groceries. And I know now that I have 9 cans of tomato soup, 5 cans of black beans, 4 cans of green chiles, and 1 can of tuna.
Also in the kitchen, I finally put all of my loose recipes that I've collected into binders. My goal is to eventually organize these by type, but for now I'm happy to have them unfolded and out of my other cookbooks.

And I baked cookies! This is a recipe that I've been playing with, cutting out some of the butter and the sugar.

Of course, I spent a ton of time with the kid. It was warm enough (finally) to go to the park a couple of times. I love having this time with him. He's such a nut, but so much fun. This kid is pretty cool.

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  1. YEAH!!!!!! Congrats on sending off the dissertation!! I sent of my results and discussion sections for review. Now it's just a matter of batting them between Dr. A. and I a bit before finalizing them and being D.O.N.E.!! Nice job on the kitchen, too!