Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome to our world

What a lovely day in the M household! E woke me up this morning hollerin' "Mama I peed!" Turns out he had taken his diaper off sometime in the night, and so had REALLY peed all. over. the. bed. I should've known it was an omen for the day. By 2:00 I was still in my pajamas, E had peed on the couch, and I was far too invested in Project Runway. E came out of the kitchen wearing nothing but underwear and eating a Rocket Pop. C had to send him back to the kitchen so we could laugh at his ridiculousness. Then I put E down for "quiet time" and he was having a hard time laying down for his nap. I went to check on him and he was naked, again. Turns out he'd gotten all of the swim diapers and pull-ups off the shelf and had been trying them on. So on went the clothes. Checked on him later, naked AGAIN. I swear. I finally managed to put pants on him in time for dinner with friends. At the restaurant E announced he had to pee, and as it turns out he meant it, and even was able to wait, or as he told the hostess, "Hold it in my penis!" Unfortunately we weren't 100% prepared and so he peed all over the floor and my boots (made famous in a previous post). I had the pleasure of mopping a public bathroom using my hands and paper towels. Then he announced in the bathroom and on the way back to the table "Mama, I peed on your shoe!" I heard that later he told a stranger "I'm going to poop!" This is a dignified gig, I'm telling ya. C told a hilarious story about getting banned from Great Clips, and for a moment I was worried that one of us was going to fall on the floor laughing. I finished the evening by eating a hot fudge sundae the size of my head. Later, when it was time for bed, E put pajamas on for the first time in weeks. Who knew guessing when the kid was going to wear clothes would be so complicated? We finished off the night with C and I verging on a big fight because I kept recommending that he needed a Slanket. Luckily we recovered.

I love days like this. Full of things I never thought I'd say or do, at home or in public, and the kind of day that makes me giggle a little. Plus, does it get better than a lazy morning, dinner with fun new friends, pee on your boot, and a ginormous ice cream sundae? Not in my book.


  1. I do enjoy reading your blog and following the escapades of your son. I must say though, I hear a lot of your mother in your writing and that's not bad at all.

  2. Thank you! That's quite a complement. Welcome to my world!