Thursday, June 17, 2010

Silver lining

Today I got to experience the clusterfuckery of our local DMV in all its glory. An hour in line, to get a number. Another two hours to talk to a real live person.Surrounded by all of our city's finest. I had no idea we had so many clothing minimalists and "all natural" (read: no deodorant or bathing) citizens. All while Sydney screamed her discontent. She barely stopped when I whipped my boob out, in line, and fed her while simultaneously filling out form 43568654oh-who-cares. So I finally got to the counter, only to find out I couldn't get my stupid f-ing license today.

Silver lining? I didn't have to immortalize this freakish post-baby zit for the next ten years on my ID photo. So today? Total win.


  1. Days like that make me appreciate living here. Four people in line ahead of me seems like a long wait. Six people ahead of me - I come back later when it's not so "crowded." At least you had Syd for company and got to show off your nurse-walk-fill out forms talent. And you get to wait for a more attractive picture taking day. Always a silver lining - even if you have to grind your nails to the nub digging for it. Love you!

  2. I'm sorry, I thought you no longer lived in the northwest... huh, sounds like Portland to me. :)

  3. Make your appointment ahead of time at the DMV on Pollasky in Clovis... you should be in and out in no time!