Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pumping PSA

When you're in a rush to pump and eat lunch and you think "Oh shoot! Did I lock the door?" do not, repeat do NOT then think, "Ah, it's fine! It's been months and everyone knows to check for the sign. You're good! Mmmm fries." I guarantee, the office tech will open your door in front of inmates and a group of interns touring the building as you frantically yell "One minute! One minute! ONE MINUTE!!!!" And then you'll all stammer nervously and avoid eye contact for the rest of the day.


  1. LOL-- oh no! You'd think they'd hear the sucky, Darth Vadery pump noise.

  2. Oh GOOD GRACIOUS! I cringe and laugh at the thought of that actually happening.

  3. Ok, so at first when I just saw the title of this post I already started laughing cause I knew it would be funny. However, I did not realize it would be almost choke on my pumpkin pie funny!! Ha ha ha, I'm so sorry it is definitely cringe yet laugh-worthy. You should totally hang this over Syd's head when she is a teenager and mouthing off to you...(as if she ever would, right??)