Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's like heroin, but with more ric rac

PSA: If my humility is a characteristic you admire, you may want to just skim this one.

I wanted to post this picture for two reasons. 1) She's really cute (in my humble opinion) and Look! Teeth! and Sitting! On a chair! and 2) That dress? I totally made it. Myself. Over the weekend when I was alone with two kids. Sure, the house is a wreck and none of the laundry got folded but Look! And it does not suck (in my humble opinion). I bought the fabric back in Minnesota for a clothespin holder (because I'm 80, and *edgy*) but I think it's more adorable as a dress.

I spent yesterday compulsively reading the archives of this blog and the dress was inspired by her Itty Bitty Dress. I forgot how much I love doing this, and now I'm sort of obsessed. Seriously, we're like the freaking Von Trapps right now. I'm evaluating everyone with the thought "What could I make for you?" (including Ark, Eli's one and only doll who has been forced to wear a very silly sailor outfit since forever. Side note: Boys play with dolls. They should sell clothes for boy dolls.) I've totally convinced myself that Syd will have a complete wardrobe of cute little smocks and sundresses and that never again will I utter the words "How cute! We have the exact same one!" at daycare. I want the kids to have matching jammies, and the four of us to have matching pajama pants. I'll make napkins and aprons and potholders and purses. I'll design flattering and stylish shirts for myself and stop living in t-shirts... This will most likely get completely out of hand and require some sort of intervention. In the meantime, I'm eyeing every piece of fabric in the house trying to decide what to make out of it. We'll be well-dressed, but with no sheets, towels, or curtains.

With the leggings! It's killing me, it's so darn cute.


  1. Oh my God. The back is just as cute as the front, how is this possible?! Awesome job, I didn't know you were so stinking crafty!

  2. OMG is right!!! SOOOO cute. Too cute. Had no idea of the amazing craftiness! Really awesome. :)

  3. WOW I am so, so impressed! You are inspiring me to want to attempt some sewing projects.