Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Look

My work wardrobe has a few "quirks." The first is that, even though Syd's already 9 months old and the weight is gone, I'm not sure how it all got so rearranged. So the old stuff doesn't fit the same anymore. Second, I have to carry a huge keyring and a pad alarm (like a garage door opener) "on my person" (read: not sitting on my desk) at all times. So I've been sticking with the same three or four pairs of pants with pockets and a selection of cardigans. And I. AM. BORED. The budget and a goal of losing more weight mean that I don't really want to spend a lot on new clothes so I've been shopping in my closet and trying to be more creative with what I have.

Today I wore a skirt (!), with no pockets (!), black turtleneck, and gray cardigan. And these shoes. These fabulous, shiny shoes that have been sitting in my closet, unworn, for over a year.

It was kind of a pain in the ass dealing with my keys and my alarm, but I felt Awesome. Isn't it amazing how a great outfit can make you feel ten feet tall?


  1. Can you figure out a cute clutch? Or purse to carry around in lieu of the deep pockets? I too am a slave for fashion. It feels good to express oneself!

  2. A SKIRT in corrections??!!???! You ARE fashion forward! I totally get the key/alarm fiasco. Did I tell you I set off the alarm twice while in Minnesota...both times in the bathroom? Totally uncool and horribly embarrassing.