Thursday, August 9, 2012


My niece is visiting and the addition of a three year old has resulted in uber-adorableness and mass chaos. She and Syd are so freaking cute together, but they fight like its their job. Today Syd wanted to hold D's hand and D wasn't having it, so Syd chased her around while D held her hand above her head and screamed. E's response has been to get near psychotic ensuring that he remains near the center of attention. Animals, these people. Today we decided that the beasts needed ran so we took them to the zoo. The kids alternated between "OMG! They're so cute!" and "OMG! Do those children have parents?"

I'm including the turtle picture because I'm 12 and it cracks me up. Slowest, gruntiest animal sex I've ever seen and Eli made sure that everyone who walked nearby came and saw the turtles "climbing each other"


  1. Is it wrong that I almost like you more for that last picture?

  2. I love that you took a photo of that. And that Eli commented. That will be a great story for a long time!